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Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Brands

Social media for companies has proven itself to be a powerful approach to promote businesses and engage customers. At an exponential rate, companies are jumping into social media and making this channel a priority in their marketing strategies. But, before taking the big leap into social media, it’s wise to take a look at some…

What’s Your Mobile Strategy for Social Media and Advertising?

From smartphones to tablets, iPhones to iPads and more – mobile technology is here to stay. The momentum of growth in mobile technology is astounding, and it’s not expected to slow anytime soon. Along with the growth in mobile technology come tremendous opportunities in marketing. And mobile technology and social media is an interesting combination…

Top 10 Tips for Developing Content for Social Media

Social media thrives on content. To get the most out of your social media marketing strategy, it’s important to have a good plan for generating and managing your content. The following 10 tips for social media marketing will help you generate content that gets noticed.

5 Key Methods to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Company

LinkedIn is unique among social networks in that it’s specifically designed for business and professional use. This means that the tools it provides you are different from the ones on Facebook or Twitter, and the opportunities available are ones you wouldn’t have elsewhere. It also means that LinkedIn lends itself perfectly to marketing. So how…

5 Ways to Make a YouTube Channel Work for Your Brand

Unless your field is specifically related to visual media, you might not think about using YouTube to promote your brand. Can producing videos really help if your business is, say, auto repair or financial planning? It can if you do it right. Here are five ways to make a YouTube channel work for your brand.

What Social Networks are Best for Your Business?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…the list goes on. There are so many different social networks out there that it’s difficult to keep track. They may all seem the same sometimes, but each has a different format and a different focus. So in order to market your brand on social media, you need to determine which social…

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