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5 Ways to Make a YouTube Channel Work for Your Brand

Unless your field is specifically related to visual media, you might not think about using YouTube to promote your brand. Can producing videos really help if your business is, say, auto repair or financial planning? It can if you do it right. Here are five ways to make a YouTube channel work for your brand.

What Social Networks are Best for Your Business?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…the list goes on. There are so many different social networks out there that it’s difficult to keep track. They may all seem the same sometimes, but each has a different format and a different focus. So in order to market your brand on social media, you need to determine which social…

10 Tips on How Brands Can Use Twitter Successfully

So your company is finally on Twitter, but what can you actually do with it? Here are 10 tips on how brands can use Twitter successfully.

Content is King in Social Media

The catchy Korean music video “Gangnam Style” now has more than one billion views on YouTube. The Kickstarter campaign to create a TV show from the popular webcomic “Cyanide and Happiness” earned tens of thousands of dollars within minutes of its launch. Why? Because content is king in social media. If you create something people…

Top 10 Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

“Like us on Facebook” has become the new battle cry for businesses. Facebook pages provide a myriad of new opportunities to create interest in your brand, engaging your audience and keeping them informed about what you’re doing. However, many companies mistakenly think that simply having a Facebook page will automatically increase their sales. The truth…

How to Brand Your Business Successfully Using Social Media

Social media marketing is the future of brand promotion. It allows you to target your audience specifically and reach them in a much more direct, more effective way than traditional marketing and advertising endeavors. No matter what you’re promoting, your brand can benefit from a social media presence. Here are some tips on how to…

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