YouTube Advertising: The Strengths and Pitfalls

Breaking: YouTube advertising is one of the best tools an advertiser can use, but in order to utilize it correctly we must understand our demographics, their user journey and the proper length of video to utilize. Read time: 3 minutes, 45 seconds

10 Tips for Using YouTube for Business

Breaking: YouTube isn’t just for watching entertaining videos, it’s also a great platform for businesses to use. In fact, it’s the second most used search engine in the world behind Google. Read time: 3 minutes, 10 seconds 

4 Ways to Improve SEO in 2018

Breaking: The SEO landscape has changed dramatically over the years and will continue to do so in 2018. Read time: 3 minutes, 40 seconds

The Right Video Length for Each Platform

Breaking: With more than 8 billion videos viewed every 24 hours on Facebook alone, brands are flocking to this highly engaging format to communicate their message across multiple social media platforms. Read time: 3 minutes, 30 seconds

3 Big Reasons to Work with a Google Premier Partner

It’s no secret Google’s online advertising platform is massive and far-reaching (e.g., AdWords, YouTube, and Google Display Network), but as you well know, just placing ads doesn’t guarantee instant success. If you’re not well-versed in the intricacies of these various advertising programs, it can be mindbogglingly easy to lose a lot of money in no time flat.…

Will Hyperlocal Targeting Put Your Marketing in Hyperdrive?

Local marketing is not necessarily a new concept – but with sophisticated tracking data available from search engine providers, social media sites, and practically any other website or app that uses cookies, beacons, and other cyber-wizardry to monitor user behavior, digital marketers now have more tools than ever to deliver highly relevant, location-specific ads to…

Read Up on YouTube’s New Ad Format – Six-Second, Unskippable Bumper Ads

Yesterday, YouTube made their True-View ad format – Bumper ads – available to all advertisers. Bumper ads are designed not to run adjacent to other TrueView ads or as a stand-alone campaign, but instead are intended to be an ad group that runs concurrently with In-Stream and/or Video Discovery ads. In beta testing, Google found that Bumper ads provide a branding and awareness lift to…

YouTube TrueView vs. Video Preroll – What Will Work Best for You?

Valerie Reader, Digital Campaign Strategist YouTube has proven to be fertile soil for digital marketers, hauling in a reported $9 billion worth of advertising revenue in 2015 alone. While the mammoth video sharing site offers a variety of advertising options for marketers, two formats in particular–TrueView and Preroll–are among the most effective in terms of…

What Matters Most in Ranking at the Top on YouTube?

With more than 400 hours of video being uploaded every minute and a user base that’s at least 1 billion strong, YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla of video sharing websites. Stories abound of businesses and full-time YouTubers who have found success in leveraging the immensely popular video platform, and marketers who implement YouTube videos into…