A Guide to Marketing for the ‘Grand Re-Opening’

“Can I start you guys off with some appetizers?” Over the past couple of months we all missed hearing that phrase and others like it. Phrases which we never thought twice about previously. We’ve begun a nationwide reopening of businesses that were forced to close down or operate at a severely limited capacity due to…

Perfecting the Pivot: Questions to Ask when Changing Your Message

Unprecedented, strange, difficult, trying…the list goes on. We’ve heard dozens of similar adjectives being used in association with the coronavirus pandemic. For digital marketers, a different word has stolen the show: pivot. The term, which may remind some of its use in basketball (remember sports?), has been employed countless times in reference to messaging in…

Digital Marketing Trends a Month into COVID-19

The first few weeks of March will be remembered as a time when businesses entered strategic overdrive in response to widespread shutdowns and closures. Assessing the impact the pandemic would have was an inexact science…at best. Now that the initial rush has passed and the “new normal” (although if we’re being honest, none of this…

The Importance of Online Video

Breaking: With shoppers seeking out more and more information on every purchase they make, it has never been more important to utilize efficient online video. Read more about how great video can increase brand awareness and overall sales. Read Time: 2 minutes, 45 seconds

Balancing Copy and Design

Breaking: Finding the perfect balance of copy and imagery can be tough to achieve, especially across multiple platforms. Read more to learn how to effectively leverage copy and imagery across different mediums. Read Time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds

The New Frontier of Video Marketing

Breaking: The world of video marketing has been drastically changed by the popularization of streaming services and digital video platforms. Read more to learn how you can utilize these platforms effectively. Read Time: 3 minutes

An Instagram TV Guide

Breaking: Long-form video has taken a firm hold on many social media platforms. Instagram has joined the fray with their newest addition to their platform IGTV. Read on to learn the ins and outs of the platform’s foray into long-form video. Read time: 3 minutes

YouTube Advertising: The Strengths and Pitfalls

Breaking: YouTube advertising is one of the best tools an advertiser can use, but in order to utilize it correctly we must understand our demographics, their user journey and the proper length of video to utilize. Read time: 3 minutes, 45 seconds