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Getting a New Website? Be Ready to Answer These Questions

When it’s time for a new website for your business, it can be easy to get swept up in the planning process and start choosing designs, features, and functions from other sites you like. And while it’s great to have inspiration, a good website team will be able to create a site based on your answers to…

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How to Prove ROI in Traditional Media Using Your Google Analytics

If you’re using traditional advertising (e.g., television, print, radio, etc.), no doubt you’re aware it’s more difficult to track the effectiveness of these campaigns than it is to track their digital counterparts. So how can you tell whether or not your offline advertising is profitable? Here’s how to prove ROI in traditional media using your…

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What to Do with All Those Client Emails in Your Database

So you’ve built up a healthy amount of email addresses in your client database–now what should you do with them? Well, one thing’s for sure: With the proper email marketing strategy, your client database can be a gold mine of opportunity. If you’re wondering what your next steps should be, below are some ideas and…

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