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Can You Measure Social Media ROI?

Most small business owners already understand that social media is a good idea. If they haven’t discovered this fact on their own, they’ve gotten valuable insight on the topic from a social media consultant. The potential for both connectivity and visibility is enough to convince most business owners to give social media a try. But…

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How to Use a Hashtag

This is a hashtag. At least when it comes to social media. So, how do you use it? A popular categorizing device on Twitter and newly on Facebook, the # symbol denotes a searchable keyword or phrase. Hashtags make it easy to find and share information on particular topics – users can simply enter a…

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Get to Know Emerging Social Media Networks

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are definitely the places to focus your business’s social efforts, but it’s important to have an eye out for emerging social networks as well. While the big networks aren’t likely to go anywhere any time soon, be sure you consider what else is out there. Sure, there’s Tumblr…

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