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Read Up on YouTube’s New Ad Format – Six-Second, Unskippable Bumper Ads

Yesterday, YouTube made their True-View ad format – Bumper ads – available to all advertisers. Bumper ads are designed not to run adjacent to other TrueView ads or as a stand-alone campaign, but instead are intended to be an ad group that runs concurrently with In-Stream and/or Video Discovery ads. In beta testing, Google found that Bumper ads provide a branding and awareness lift to…

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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

It’s a common question we hear – how can I use social media for recruitment? Social media can provide unique opportunities to get in front of job-hunters in ways that traditional advertising just isn’t capable of. Here are a few of the tactics that we’ve used to help clients find their ideal candidates on social…

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6 Must-Ask Questions for Your Digital Agency

Working with a digital marketing agency is a great way to eliminate many of the headaches that come along with advertising your business, and it can shorten the time that it takes to accomplish your marketing goals. If you’ve been thinking about partnering with a digital agency like 2060 Digital, below are six key questions…

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