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5 Tips to Boost Your CTR Organically

Your SEO efforts are paying off in the form of higher search engine rankings, but for some reason, you’re still not getting the traffic you believe you should – what gives? The answer lies in a subtle aspect of SEO known as “organic CTR (click-through rate) optimization,” which is basically the practice of tweaking certain…

Google and Healthcare: How to Understand Patient Behavior and Opportunities

Now more than ever, people are consulting “Dr. Google” before they visit a healthcare provider, and even after appointments, 60% of people rely on search engines to validate the information received from their doctors. Whether you’re a regional healthcare center or a private medical practice, your marketing strategy must take the Internet-savvy patient into account,…

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Why a Business Needs Both SEO and PPC

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Your SEO Questions, Answered: 5 Blogs You Need to Read

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How to Rank Higher Than Your Competitors On Google

Hillary Weidner, Digital Brand Strategist Any digital marketer will tell you that a high ranking in Google can be worth its weight in gold, but of course, that’s much easier said than done. While the multitude of factors and ranking signals that go into Google’s search algorithm remain a carefully guarded secret, several key search…