Social Media ROI

Myth Busting: Does Social Media Affect Sales?

Ever since social media exploded onto the scene a little more than a decade ago, marketers have busied themselves with figuring out how to turn it into a reliable source of sales and conversions. Opinions range from dismissive skepticism (e.g., “Social media is a waste of time.”) to outright fanaticism (e.g., “Social media is the…

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Are You Using These 3 Essential Facebook Tools?

Facebook has become more than just a social networking platform: it’s become a useful tool that the world’s largest brands and organizations use to market their products and services. Small and medium-sized enterprises use Facebook in order to increase their visibility and to improve their sales and conversion rates as well. But Facebook only works…

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Can You Measure Social Media ROI?

Most small business owners already understand that social media is a good idea. If they haven’t discovered this fact on their own, they’ve gotten valuable insight on the topic from a social media consultant. The potential for both connectivity and visibility is enough to convince most business owners to give social media a try. But…

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