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The 7 Homepage Essentials

When a company sets up shop online, the attention that they give to their homepage will often make or break the success of their virtual enterprise. Not only does your homepage set the tone for your entire website, but more often than not it receives the majority of your incoming traffic. All of us have…

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How Important Is a Mobile Site?

In January of 2014, a very significant milestone was reached when mobile devices accounted for more than half of all Internet usage in the United States – the first time in history that has ever happened. If current trends are any indication, the number of mobile-ready websites will only continue to increase as more and…

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Why Brand Blasting on Social Media is a Bad Idea

One of the cardinal sins of social media is “brand blasting” – when a business engages in the rapid-fire publishing of self-promotional content with little to no interaction with their audience. Whenever a brand blasts out seemingly incessant tweets or Facebook status updates that primarily highlight what their own business is doing, it comes across…

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