When Should You Pay for Social Media?

The perception that promoting and advertising your content doesn’t cost anything holds some truth – starting a Twitter or Facebook account is free, and you can post content to your pages without paying. But in reality, advertising on social media was never free.

The 7 Homepage Essentials

When a company sets up shop online, the attention that they give to their homepage will often make or break the success of their virtual enterprise. Not only does your homepage set the tone for your entire website, but more often than not it receives the majority of your incoming traffic. All of us have…

2060 Digital Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Well, we did it! Not a group to let a viral social media trend pass by, the team at 2060 Digital donated and then got ice cold to raise support and awareness for this worthy cause. Check out our video!

How to Advertise Your Small Business on CNN.com

Most small businesses are well aware that in order to survive and thrive in today’s ultra-competitive market, a certain amount of their budget must be dedicated to advertising online. The ideal scenario would be for a business to advertise on some of the top online media outlets so their message can be seen by millions…

How Important Is a Mobile Site?

In January of 2014, a very significant milestone was reached when mobile devices accounted for more than half of all Internet usage in the United States – the first time in history that has ever happened. If current trends are any indication, the number of mobile-ready websites will only continue to increase as more and…

3 Non-Negotiables for Digital Advertising Success

The advent of the digital age has inadvertently produced some collateral damage in the form of traditional businesses being left behind where marketing and promotional practices are concerned. If you’re looking for ways to give your business more exposure, there are certain digital marketing assets you simply cannot afford to ignore.

What is Retargeting and Can it Work for You?

One of the digital marketing world’s favorite buzzwords right now is “retargeting.” Maybe you’ve smiled and nodded through conversations about this advertising method without really knowing exactly how retargeting works or what retargeting can do for you. Let’s fix that.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile Optimized and Responsive Sites?

The advent of various Internet-ready mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has completely revolutionized the website design industry. Only a decade ago it was standard practice to build and publish a website with nothing but desktop usability in mind, but adapting that mindset in today’s world could alienate a large percentage of your website…

Why Brand Blasting on Social Media is a Bad Idea

One of the cardinal sins of social media is “brand blasting” – when a business engages in the rapid-fire publishing of self-promotional content with little to no interaction with their audience. Whenever a brand blasts out seemingly incessant tweets or Facebook status updates that primarily highlight what their own business is doing, it comes across…