Do You Know What These Digital Acronyms Mean?

There can be quite a few terms and acronyms that get thrown around whenever you’re talking digital marketing or reading up on the latest news and trends. If you’re unsure what some of those letters mean, educate yourself with these blog posts.

Are People Still Using Facebook?

Ever catch yourself wondering, “Are people still using Facebook?” For the average user, it might seem like the buzz around Facebook has died down and that it might not be the place to focus your marketing, especially with newer platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram gaining traction. But there’s a certain perspective that comes from…

How to Understand and Use Your Year-End Reporting to Set Goals for Next Year

If you plan to make significant, measurable progress in your business, don’t ignore your year-end reports. But we get it – it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the different reporting metrics and data. So here’s your guide to understanding your year-end reporting and setting goals for next year.

Top 4 Ways to See if Your Website is Outdated

There’s no getting around it – in today’s digital marketplace, an outdated website hurts your business. It tells your potential customers that your business may not be credible, “with the times,” and financially stable. So, what’s your website saying? If you’re not quite sure if your website’s out-of-date, below are four signs it’s time has come.

Why a Business Needs Both SEO and PPC

One of the classic misconceptions in the digital marketing world is that SEO and PPC are rival tactics, but while there are die-hard adherents in both camps, you could actually consider SEO and PPC to be two sides of the same very essential coin. Both methods leverage the power of search engines to garner targeted…