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Getting A New Website? Here’s What to Ask For

Does your website need an upgrade? Before you say “No, my website’s good,” it’s not enough to just have the basics of a good site – there are plenty of good sites out there. A great site has the right elements in place to make it a lead magnet. Besides being good-looking, your website should…

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4 Pay-Per-Click Rules You Can’t Ignore

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has grown in importance over the last few years – it offers businesses a chance to compete against bigger and more established rivals on a more equal footing. Plus, PPC can generate immediate results, unlike SEO or social media marketing. But it’s not all about putting the highest bid behind a particular keyword…

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How To Win The SEO Waiting Game

Regular, engaging content, a well organized site and a healthy sprinkling of keywords will rocket you to the top of search rankings in no time, right? Wrong. Although the elements of a great search engine optimization (SEO) strategy are well known, getting a highly coveted top 10 ranking can be a slow and frustrating process, taking months…

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