Website Development

Need for Speed: How to Win on Mobile

Breaking: Studies show that 40% of all online shoppers will abandon a webpage if it doesn’t load within three seconds. With more than half of all Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important for marketers to make improving the speed of their mobile site a top priority this year. Read time: 3 minutes, 25…

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Top 4 Ways to See if Your Website is Outdated

There’s no getting around it – in today’s digital marketplace, an outdated website hurts your business. It tells your potential customers that your business may not be credible, “with the times,” and financially stable. So, what’s your website saying? If you’re not quite sure if your website’s out-of-date, below are four signs it’s time has come.

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Just How Important is Your Website Homepage?

Ever since the inception of the World Wide Web, the homepage has been considered to be the most important element of a website, but recent shifts in user behavior have begun to challenge that notion like never before. It’s now quite common for visitors to arrive on a website by way of direct links that…

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