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Tips for Brainstorming Social Media Content

Social media plays a very prominent role in the way we interact with each other, but that doesn’t mean content will always come naturally for you. Whether you’re stuck because your once-great ideas aren’t working so well anymore or you simply have writer’s block, try putting these content development brainstorming techniques into practice.

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Where to Spend Time on Social Media

An April 2013 study confirmed that people in the United States spend 27 percent of their time on the computer and 15 percent of their time on smartphones using social media networks. Thus, a social media plan is an essential component of any marketing plan. With so many channels to choose from and the fear…

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How to Build Your Brand on Pinterest

Not all social media is created equally – for example, people use Pinterest for different purposes than Facebook and Twitter. It’s important to understand these differences when increasing the scope of your brand’s social media presence. If you’re thinking of joining Pinterest, your content must be highly engaging and easy for users to share. A…

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