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How to Build a Social Media Content Calendar

Hopefully you’re using social media to increase brand awareness, as well as give your customers another access point for your business. But how you’re using it is possibly more important than if you’re using it. Are you organized? Do you have a plan? Or are you posting content at random and hoping for the best? As an agency that provides social med…
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Let’s Get Visual: Social Media’s Visual Nature

Most people are familiar with the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This notion is more important than ever when it comes to putting together a successful social media strategy. Visuals are inspiring and engaging for users and create a richer, more meaningful online experience. The ever-expanding importance of visual use in social media…
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Marketing Tips for Successful Social Media

Are you looking for proactive tips that will improve your social media marketing? Are you curious about what social media experts are advising these days? The following tips will get you on your way.
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How and Why to Promote Your Blog on Facebook and Twitter

One of the most important aspects of blogging is promotion. You’ll never be able to maximize the reach of your content unless you spread the word. As such, Facebook and Twitter are excellent channels for promoting blog content. A social media consultant can help you further understand how to maximize the expansive, global reach of both of these soc…
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Tips for Brainstorming Social Media Content

Social media plays a very prominent role in the way we interact with each other, but that doesn’t mean content will always come naturally for you. Whether you’re stuck because your once-great ideas aren’t working so well anymore or you simply have writer’s block, try putting these content development brainstorming techniques into practice.
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How to Handle Facebook and Twitter Complaints

It’s inevitable that even the most successful brands on Facebook and Twitter will face customer complaints. Some are simple, such as an issue with an online checkout process, while other times irate customers want both you and the rest of your followers to hear them. Practicing good social media strategy in the face of complaints is critical in ord…
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Where to Spend Time on Social Media

An April 2013 study confirmed that people in the United States spend 27 percent of their time on the computer and 15 percent of their time on smartphones using social media networks. Thus, a social media plan is an essential component of any marketing plan. With so many channels to choose from and the fear of becoming overly promotional, putting to…
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How to Build Your Brand on Pinterest

Not all social media is created equally – for example, people use Pinterest for different purposes than Facebook and Twitter. It’s important to understand these differences when increasing the scope of your brand’s social media presence. If you’re thinking of joining Pinterest, your content must be highly engaging and easy for users to share. A soc…
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How to Develop a Brand Voice through Social Media

When you consider social media for your company, finding your brand voice may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, even the best social media content available won’t make an impact if it’s not backed by solid branding. Don’t get started confused and unclear about the sound of your brand – you want to have a strong voice right from th…
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Social Media: Virtual Word of Mouth

For businesses, social media can spread both good and bad news about your company very rapidly. As part of your social media plan, you should incorporate an online reputation management (ORM) strategy so that your business is properly promoted through online and social media channels. A social media plan should use the virtual word-of-mouth capabil…
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How Businesses Can Use Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app Instagram has taken mobile social media by storm – and businesses should definitely consider the marketing opportunities available through this interactive and widely used social media channel. Because Instagram profiles can run on multiple platforms including web, Windows, Android and iPhone devices, your business has…
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How to Improve Facebook Engagement

According to Hubspot, 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase because of a social media referral. LinkedIn notes that almost half of all IT purchase decisions are influenced by social networks, and of them, Facebook is the giant. The bottom line? Your business must include Facebook as a key component of your social media strategy…