Starting a Facebook Page from Scratch – 5 Key Components

| 2060 Digital

Don’t have a Facebook page for your business? Maybe you do, but no one in your company has taken a look at it since it was created. Or maybe you’re trying to do the best with what you’ve got, but don’t know what’s important and what’s not. Whatever the state of your business’s page, there are five things that should be in place before you’ll be able to see progress and gain traction with your audience.

  • A consistent page name and page address. In social media, and really in everything, you should be consistent in what you’re calling your business. When creating a page, you can choose whatever you’d like for your page name. But your page address (that is, the URL users will click on or type to get to your page from anywhere on the Internet) has to be unique. That could lead to some inconstancy between the name and address, but try to be as close as possible when creating your page. Our page name is 2060 Digital and our page address is 2060 Digital.

  • Profile and cover photos with descriptions. Your profile and cover photos should be high quality images that reflect your brand appropriately. What do they say about your company? Do they convey a clear message to your target audience? Don’t forget that you can add descriptions to both of these photos. You can also include relevant links and calls to action in these descriptions.

  • “About” section including company information with relevant links. Make the “About” section detailed but keep it short. People don’t click on an “about” link because they want to read a comprehensive history of your company. Give them the basic information and then let them move on with their day. You also have the ability to add website and social media links including Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +, and LinkedIn to your “About” section. Take advantage of this space as a one-stop shop for all the points of access for your followers.

  • Contact info and category. Your contact info will appear directly below your page name – make sure it directs people to where they can go for more information. You could include your full address, just your city, a phone number, email – just be sure you have the right information there that will allow people to get in contact with you without too much searching. The other piece of information below your page name is your page’s category. Choosing a category for your page determines what features will be on your page. Pages for personalities and local businesses essentially look the same, but there are important differences in the way Facebook sets the pages up.

  • Content. Don’t stress out about making posts and uploading photos and videos right after launching your page – people don’t expect to see tons of content right away. Choose a few current, high quality, relevant images and videos that you already have and then start brainstorming new content to add steadily over the next few weeks or even months. Keep in mind that people will follow or subscribe to a specific social media channel because they have access to content that isn’t available anywhere else online. So think of exclusive offers that you can make available to anyone who likes your Facebook page.