How and Why to Promote Your Blog on Facebook and Twitter

| 2060 Digital

One of the most important aspects of blogging is promotion. You’ll never be able to maximize the reach of your content unless you spread the word. As such, Facebook and Twitter are excellent channels for promoting blog content. A social media consultant can help you further understand how to maximize the expansive, global reach of both of these social media networks.

The first thing to keep in mind when considering blog promotion on Facebook and Twitter is the behavior of users. A significant number of both Facebook and Twitter users are using these networks via smartphones and tablets, so your blog content must cater to these devices appropriately. Reach out to a social media consultant who can help you put the following practices into action for your blog.

Get your blog content in order

Before you even begin to think about putting your blog content out on social media channels, make sure that your blog is positioned properly. Develop each post with the target audience in mind. Will they find your content helpful or useful? Will the content that you post make them want to share it with their friends and family?

Produce content on a regular basis that has engaging headlines, attractive formatting and media like visuals and videos that are relevant to each post. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the core of the content and dismiss the headlines and media; however, all of these components working together are key for a successful blog.

Tailor your blog for Facebook and Twitter

While the primary purpose of a blog is to develop content that will attract readers, you can also use your blog platform to facilitate and encourage social media sharing directly.

  • Use the blog sidebar to solicit Facebook and Twitter followers. Maximize your blog’s real estate to pull readers into social media interaction. Keep in mind that blog visitors may not necessarily return to your blog, but they are very likely to frequent social media networks on a regular basis.

  • Include social sharing icons in every blog post. Give readers these visual cues for sharing your content via their social media accounts. If you’re including multiple icons, be sure they’re not overwhelming and not distracting from the content.

Be consistent

No matter what sort of blog content you produce, Facebook and Twitter won’t be effective if you don’t have your basic information consistent and easy to find. Your name and brand should be the same across your blog and all social media channels you’re using.