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Best of 2060: Our Most Popular Social Media Blog Posts

After years of offering our clients expert social media management services and advice, we’ve picked up a thing or two about the best ways businesses can use their social media platforms to generate interest around their brands – not to mention leads and sales! Don’t miss these posts: our most popular blogs on social media tips, tools, and tricks t…
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Why Hire Us? Top 5 Digital Agency Must-Haves

So you’ve decided to voyage into the realm of digital marketing, and you’re weighing out your options in terms of hiring an agency to help you with that process. What exactly should you look for in a digital marketing agency? What will let you know that they’re worth their salt? Below are the top five qualities that a digital agency must have in or…
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A Business Owner’s Best Friend: How Reputation Management Saves Time and Stress

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably Googled your own company name just to see what comes up. Are you satisfied with the results? Do you like the way your brand is represented online, or does it leave much to be desired? Now more than ever, businesses need to pay attention to managing their online reputation, as it can be make-or-br…
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What You Need To Know Before Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Strategy

Today, 97% of consumers turn to the Internet before making contact with a business. Social media is likely the first point of contact your potential and existing customers will have with your business. With nearly 1.5 billion users on Facebook and 300 million active users on Twitter, the visibility that social media offers is unlike any other marke…
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YMCA Delivers Positive Change to the Community through Digital Marketing

Believing in what our clients do is a key ingredient in a successful marketing partnership. And we can’t help but love what the YMCA offers to the community. 2060 Digital has the pleasure of working with the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati on several customized digital campaigns. We chatted with Kathy Lehr, Vice President of Marketing, Membership, and …
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Top Ways to Increase Social Engagement

Hardly anyone would argue that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in existence, but for many businesses, social engagement has been a hit-or-miss pursuit. In essence, social engagement simply means garnering some type of response from your target audience by way of likes, follows, comments, reposts, mentions, re-pins, retweets…
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How to Rank Higher Than Your Competitors On Google

Any digital marketer will tell you that a high ranking in Google can be worth its weight in gold, but of course, that’s much easier said than done. While the multitude of factors and ranking signals that go into Google’s search algorithm remain a carefully guarded secret, several key search marketing strategies have leaked out over the years that h…
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How Facebook is Widening the Web for Users with Visual Impairments

Mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds typically serves as something to fill the time when you’re waiting for an oil change, sitting at a red light, standing in line at a coffee shop, or strategically avoiding eye contact with a passer-by.
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Like What You See About Your Business Online? How Reputation Management Can Help

It’s a fairly common scenario: A business owner searches for their own company on Google just to see what comes up, only to be met with disappointing results. Perhaps they’re nowhere to be found on the first page of the search results, or maybe there are only a couple of auto-generated listings that contain their company name, from sites like Manta…
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When Should You Refresh Your Display Ad Content?

You’ve invested a lot of time into your display ad campaigns, but how much time and money have you spent refreshing your ad copy? With ever-evolving technology, online advertising is aggressively growing, yet consumers are oftentimes overwhelmed by the abundance and repetition of the ads they see. And when the same old ad runs too often (especiall…
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How to Tell If Your SEO is Working

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tough nut to crack sometimes, and with all of the different ranking factors that are at play at any given time, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your SEO is even working. While the art and science of assessing SEO impact is still far from exact, there are some key data points you can look for…
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Behind the Screen with Digital Campaign Strategist Max Kanet

Marketing is in Max Kanet’s blood, and his passion for getting results for clients has taken him on a career journey that’s honed his skills for market research, analytics, and strategy. Read on to see where it all began, and how he’s bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to 2060 Digital.