Your Guide for Marketing to Millennials

| 2060 Digital

Millennials – the largest generation by population, and the generation with the shortest attention span. Successfully marketing to Millennials takes not only an ever-changing strategy that constantly evolves with the their fleeting passions, but also speaks their language, captures their attention, and fuels their interests. The simple truth: Traditional marketing tactics aren’t going to work here. If you’re hoping to tap into this key generational demographic, you’re going to have to start by getting into the mind of the Millennial. Don’t be scared – here’s how:

Make it meaningful – and mobile.

Millennials are all about finding meaning. They cherish good causes, new discoveries, and seeing life in a different light. Millennials strive to find jobs they love instead of something that will just help them get by. They’re focused less on saving and more on having experiences.

And what’s the one thing they have with them during all those experiences? Their mobile devices.

Because Millennials view their jobs as an extension of themselves, they may not separate their work lives from their personal lives, which means they’re always connected. They’re constantly accessing texts, apps, social media, and websites on their phones. Advertising on mobile is a must when it comes to reaching Millennials.

If a brand connects with them in a meaningful way, they’ll likely incorporate it into their lives. So how do you make it meaningful?

Be interactive, and get them involved.

The key here is to market to them in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re being sold something. Make them feel as if they’re in the ad themselves, engaging and interacting and being part of the experience.

Experiential marketing works extremely well for this generation. Millennials want to be a part of something, and want to share that experience during and after on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc. Social media is a part of their daily routine and exploration of the world around them. So if you’re trying to reach this group, it’s imperative that you have a strong presence on various social networks.

Local, sharable, and creative content is the goal. If you’re holding an event and you want Millennials to attend, make sure you’ve also created a Facebook Event for it. Make a SnapChat geo-filter for attendees to use while they’re there. Share quick, dynamic videos and simple, readable, and mobile friendly graphics. Encourage participation and connection with your brand by making Millennials feel that they’re collaborators and not just consumers.

While this generation may give you whip-lash in terms of the platforms and technology they use, they’ll remain constant to the meaningful methods that resonate with them – newness, optimism, interaction, and ways to perceive and enjoy reality. Follow the above advice to tailor your mobile and social marketing to this generation and you’ll have the passionate brand advocates and influencers of today on your side.