2060 Digital Earns Distinction of Premier Google Partner

| 2060 Digital

In June of 2016, 2060 Digital became qualified as a Premier Google Partner, earning the Premier status after qualifying as a Google Partner in February.

What’s a Google Partner?

Google Partners have learned advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing Google AdWords advertising products, as well as passing certification exams.

Premier Google Partners have not only passed the criteria for earning Google Partner status, but have also met higher spending and additional certification and company performance requirements.

How does this impact our clients?

Earning the Premier Partner status means we’re able to offer clients an advanced knowledge of Google’s advertising products, plus we have access to Google training and support to help you grow your business online.

Our clients can trust in their partnership with 2060 Digital, because as a leading agency qualified by Google, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to develop and maintain successful digital advertising campaigns for businesses.

With one of the highest renewal rates in the industry, 2060 Digital only sees success when our clients do. Our advanced level of knowledge in Google AdWords advertising helps us deliver results for our clients and build long-lasting relationships centered on successful campaigns. At 2060 Digital, our team is your team – and your team is a Premier Google Partner.

About 2060 Digital

Launched in January 2012, 2060 Digital quickly became a national digital agency with offices in seven top U.S. markets: Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix, and Seattle.

Our agency is represented by more than 80 bright, talented, and innovative digital marketers who continually work toward developing the skills needed to bring clients success in the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising.

We create and optimize digital advertising campaigns based on demographic and geographic research and analysis, and make education a fundamental part of the process. Our custom solutions involve multiple channels of digital marketing to help companies of all sizes touch consumers throughout the entire buying journey, from social media to pre-roll video to retargeting and beyond.