Why Hire Us? Top 5 Digital Agency Must-Haves

| 2060 Digital

So you’ve decided to voyage into the realm of digital marketing, and you’re weighing out your options in terms of hiring an agency to help you with that process. What exactly should you look for in a digital marketing agency? What will let you know that they’re worth their salt? Below are the top five qualities that a digital agency must have in order to be a good fit for your business.

1. They must be an open book.

If a prospective digital marketing agency is not ready and willing to share the methods and techniques they’re going to use to grow your online presence, it’s better for you to look elsewhere. There should be no ambiguity or mystery behind what they’re doing, but rather a willingness to inform, educate, and solicit feedback from you regarding every element of their digital marketing strategy.

At 2060 Digital, we believe that education should be a fundamental part of the process, so you can make well-informed decisions based on a solid understanding of the digital marketing solutions being used to grow your business.

2. They must believe in what they can offer your business.

If you plan to get the most out of your partnership with a digital marketing agency, you need to make sure they truly believe in the solutions they’re offering you. We believe that the best creative solutions flow from having a genuine conviction about the way our services benefit the client – we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t sell our grandmothers. Only hire a digital marketing agency that takes their partnership with you seriously, and demonstrates an authentic commitment to their product and their role as your brand’s digital marketing strategist.

3. They must practice what they preach.

It would be hard for a digital marketing agency to convince you about the importance of updating your blog when their company blog hasn’t seen a new post in three months. Browse through their website, blog, social media channels, etc., and assess the quality of their work. Are they using the same techniques that they’re recommending for your business? A digital marketing agency must first practice what they preach, so they can be a reliable guide in terms of what works and what doesn’t in the arena of online marketing strategies.

4. They must adopt a holistic approach to digital marketing.

It’s dangerous to work with a digital marketing agency that emphasizes one technique above all else (e.g., SEO, social media, etc.), as it can produce lopsided results for your business. Now more than ever, customers interact with brands through a variety of online channels before deciding to make a purchase, which means that your marketing strategy will require a holistic approach in order to produce maximum benefit for your brand. At 2060 Digital, we take the entire conversion journey into account, implementing a wide range of custom solutions that work together to produce both immediate and long-term benefits.

5. They must value–and practice–good communication.

A solid digital marketing agency values communication, and will be highly responsive to your business in terms of asking questions, anticipating your needs, and gaining clarity about assignments. One of the biggest litmus tests of a great digital marketing agency is how they respond when a mistake has been made. Do they admit their misstep and take immediate action to fix things, or do they shut down and start dodging phone calls and emails when the mistake is discovered? Keeping the lines of communication open with our clients is the best and most honorable approach.

As you research which digital marketing agency will be a good fit for your business, keep the above five must-haves in mind to help you weed out the duds. When you partner with an agency that meets these criteria, you’ll truly see what a difference it can make.