Situations That Could Have Been Avoided with Reputation Management

| 2060 Digital

Earning and maintaining a favorable online reputation is hard work, and without the help of a reputation management agency, it’s relatively easy for a brand to go from hero to zero in very little time. For instance, check out these sobering situations that could have been avoided with quality reputation management.

Negative Search Engine Results for a Home Security Company

Only a few short years ago, a Google search for the name of a particular home security company would produce a page full of listings that were overtly negative toward the company, including forum comments, a critical review article, and a complaint on the consumer protection site Ripoff Report. The company itself had installed thousands of home security systems with favorable results, but the voices of a handful of disgruntled customers appeared to outweigh the silent majority in Google’s search results.

An online reputation management service can keep a close watch on any sites where customer reviews can be posted (e.g., Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.), as well as the status of your brand in search engine listings, to alert you of any urgent issues that need to be addressed.

Inaccurate Information Listed for a Local Restaurant

A fledgling restaurant located in Seattle experienced a reputation management faux pas when it was discovered that much of the information listed for the restaurant on sites such as, Yelp, and Google’s Local Search was wrong. Inaccurate hours of operation, incorrect website URLs and even a wrong street address were discovered across various web portals, causing confusion and inconvenience to customers.

What many small businesses fail to realize is that oftentimes these review or business directory sites pull their information from third-party sources, which may or may not be accurate. This can lead to a tarnished online reputation and ultimately lost revenue. A reputation management company will carefully scrutinize your business listings on various websites to ensure your company’s information is correct and up-to-date.

In a time where a company’s reputation can swing from stellar to dismal in literally hours, it’s more important than ever for you to consider professional online reputation management services like 2060 Digital offers. With our help handling your public relations efforts, you can ensure that the good name you’ve worked so hard to build will remain the hallmark of your brand.