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How IP Outreach Advertising Works and How You Can Use It

Projected to reach upwards of $160 billion in revenue by 2016, online advertising continues to evolve with increasingly sophisticated targeting technologies to reach audiences. One targeting method gaining ground is IP outreach advertising (a.k.a. IP targeting), which enables advertisers to target prospects based on their geographic location. The m…
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Why Putting Together a Webinar is Easier Than You Think

Webinars are excellent, cost-effective tools for promoting your business, garnering new leads, and creating new revenue streams. Surprisingly, many people shy away from conducting webinars because they feel like they may not have anything to say worth hearing. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re an expert in your business’s produ…
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5 Reasons to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of channels, from your own blog to all of your social media pages. But each of these channels are created with unique features and as such, each requires a unique strategy. Take Twitter – you may feel limited with only 140 characters for your message, but plenty of companies make a big impact…
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How to Analyze Retargeting Results

Not all visitors who come to your website will make a purchase. In fact, most of them will leave your site without taking any action. Advancements in digital marketing have made it possible to follow prospective clients around the web through retargeting (or remarketing). When people come to your site, they leave a bit of code, or a “cookie,” which…
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Ask A Strategist: Short Answers to Your Social Media Questions

We’re taking your questions about social media and giving you short, easy answers from our Social Media Strategists to help you better manage your business pages.
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What is a Hyperlocal Facebook Ad and How do You Use It?

What if we told you there was a way for your business to reach potential customers on Facebook, just by virtue of them being close by? Someone who’s in your target demographic isn’t always passing by your business, so why not reach them where they are, when they are? With Facebook’s new hyperlocal ads, you can.
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2060 Digital Has a Big Announcement!

Hubbard Radio Announces New Division – 2060 Digital, LLC James Bryant Appointed President/General Manager
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How to Find the Right Mix of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Inbound and outbound – two marketing methods you may have heard praised as the answer to lead generation for the 21st century marketer or disparaged as out-of-date in the content-driven digital world. One (inbound marketing) involves creating a place on the internet that people want to visit and then provide their contact information for more conte…
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When They Win, You Win: Facebook Contesting Platforms Bring In Leads

What’s the one thing that will bring in new leads, increase engagement and reach and expand your social media followers email database? Contesting on Facebook. Ok, great – so how do you do it? Because it’s not as simple as throwing up a post on your feed and awarding a prize to the 20th person to “like” it. Facebook has some pretty intricate terms …
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How to Tell if Your Website Needs a Content Update

Let’s take a long, hard look at your website. Go ahead. Pull it up. Now read it. If you’re wondering if it’s time to update your content, chances are, it probably is. Search engines love websites that have fresh content and reward those that are updated often with higher rankings. But if you’re really not sure if it’s worth putting in the time and …
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5 Rules for Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

Not just for job hunting anymore, LinkedIn provides business owners with more marketing opportunities than have ever been available to them in the past. In fact, one might call LinkedIn the perfect B2B marketing platform. Why is that? Nowhere else in the social media world will you find so many business owners, executives and decision makers commun…
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From Retargeting to Pretargeting – What is Predictive Advertising?

Rapid advancements in online advertising technology have given rise to a number of sophisticated targeting methods that have proven to be effective in reaching users based on their patterns of online behavior.