What is a Hyperlocal Facebook Ad and How do You Use It?

| 2060 Digital

What if we told you there was a way for your business to reach potential customers on Facebook, just by virtue of them being close by? Someone who’s in your target demographic isn’t always passing by your business, so why not reach them where they are, when they are? With Facebook’s new hyperlocal ads, you can.

So, what is a hyperlocal Facebook ad?

Known as both “hyperlocal ads” and “local awareness ads,” these targeted advertisements are focused on Facebook’s mobile users, but not excluded to them. The ads appear to users who are within a selected radius (1-50 miles), and work great for restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops and other businesses where people are prone to drop in. That isn’t to say that other businesses can’t use hyperlocal ads – it only means there are more options for creativity within your Facebook marketing strategy.

How Hyperlocal Ads Work

Earlier this year Facebook launched a function called “Nearby Friends.” Initially it only served to help people find each other, which can help when trying to meet up in public or crowded place. Because this function can pinpoint a user’s exact location, this tool led to the implementation of GPS data in the way Facebook ads can be targeted by geographical location.

Most users, whether they know it or not, have allowed Facebook to track their position through their mobile phone. Even desktop users can be traced by IP address. Facebook uses this tracking to serve up ads from businesses in their immediate vicinity. Not only is this ad relevant to the user, based on location, but it can often prove convenient. For example, a Facebook user has been shopping all morning. He or she could be hungry or ready for a coffee. As they use their Facebook app, an ad for a nearby restaurant or coffee shop appears – and they make the decision that it’s time to break for lunch and head that way. No search necessary.

How to Use Hyperlocal Ads

Some businesses may not have the ability to create local awareness ads yet, as Facebook rolls out new features gradually. But if and when you do, creating hyperlocal Facebook ads is pretty simple. First, go to your business page. On the top right of the page, click on “Build Audience.” After clicking on the tab, choose “Use Ads Manager.” Then click on the “Create Ad” button at the top right of this page. Select “Reach People Near Your Business” or “Local Awareness.” You’ll be given the option of choosing which page of your business you want to promote.

Next insert the address of the business – but if the address is already on your profile, it will automatically fill in. Then choose the radius in which you want to advertise your business. You’ll see a map that outlines the exact area your ad will reach. In other words, if people go into that vicinity, your ad will be shown to them. After choosing the radius, choose your target demographic by age and gender.

The second-last section involves your budget and the amount of time you want the ad to run. After adding these two elements, Facebook can give you a rough estimate of how many people your ad will reach per day.

Last, you’ll be able to tweak your ad by adding images and text or even a call-to-action button. Think carefully about what kind of promotion will resonate with hyperlocal users. Someone walking by may not want to make a large purchase if they don’t already have plans to visit your business. As with any ad campaign, remember to have specific goals in mind so you can better measure its success and better direct potential customers to the action you want them to take.