Ask A Strategist: Short Answers to Your Social Media Questions

| 2060 Digital

We’re taking your questions about social media and giving you short, easy answers from our Social Media Strategists to help you better manage your business pages.

Q: I can see my business’s Facebook apps on my desktop computer, but how do I view them on a mobile platform?

A: Facebook does not support custom apps on mobile browsers. If you attempt to access an app from its Facebook URL on a mobile device, you will be redirected to the timeline of the Facebook page instead. Facebook also does not display the thumbnails of custom apps installed to Pages on its mobile site.

Instead, mobile landing pages can be created when developing an app so that users can access Facebook apps on mobile devices. Our strategists use a mobile-friendly link when posting about the app so that people can access it easily, regardless of what device they are using. This Smart URL detects whether a visitor is accessing the app from a desktop/laptop or a mobile device and redirects them appropriately.


Q: I still want to make posts on my business Facebook page as the business, but I want to comment or like on the page as myself. How do I switch between the two?

A: If you’re an admin on your business page, by default you will be able to post, like or comment on your page as your business. If you want to use your page as yourself, you can do so by clicking the box at the bottom right corner of a post on your page. From here, you can select to interact on your page as yourself or your business.


Q: How do you add an administrator to a Facebook page?

A: Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your business page’s “Settings” (located just underneath Facebook’s search bar).

  2. Click “Page Roles” on the left-hand bar.

  3. Type in the person’s email address (that they use for their personal Facebook account).

  4. Select “Admin.”

  5. Click “Save.”

That person will then receive a Facebook notification saying they have been requested to be an admin to the page and they must accept the notification from their desktop computer, not mobile device. It’s as simple as that!