Savvy Tricks for Increasing Blog Readership

| 2060 Digital

It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare: You pay thousands to a developer to design and code a perfect blog, click “post” and… nothing happens. No one comments, no one signs up for the email newsletter, and if the statistics are to be believed, the only people who’ve read your blog are you and your mother. It’s true that in today’s crowded internet, there may be hundreds or even thousands of blogs in your niche, making it seem impossible to break through the noise. With a few savvy tricks to increase blog readership and subscribers, however, you’ll be well on your way to rising above the fray.

Work on Your Headlines

The average Internet user spends less than three seconds deciding if they’re going to read something or not. That’s why your first step to boosting blog traffic is to learn how to craft an irresistible headline, one that will intrigue almost anyone. Your headline could include a simple how-to or a list (e.g. “How to Make the Most of Your Email Subscriber List” or “15 Ways Digital Marketing will change in 2015”) It could use a perceived threat (“Could This Liability Mistake Cost You Your Business?”) or play on people’s fear of mistakes (“Act Now or Miss Out Forever”) You could ride on someone’s coattails (“How Apple Breaks All the Marketing Rules and Wins”) or promise your reader a better life (“Never Deal With a Server Issue Again”). But whatever you say, have the quality content to back it up.

Utilize Social Media

If you have a blog, you should also have a Twitter account, a Google+ account and a Facebook account for your business. Tweet every time you have a new blog post with a tease (“Could this mistake cost you $500?”) to draw your reader to click on the link. On Google+ or Facebook, you have more room to explain what the post is about, so use it. You should be cross-posting between your social media sites frequently, as it’s simply not true that your readers will all overlap; you’re bound to have a lot of readers who only follow you on one site.

Respond to Your Readers

Once readers find your blog and comments come pouring in, take some time every day to engage with your customers. Reply to their questions and thank them for their comments and ideas. By treating your customers like rockstars, you’ll develop a loyal fan base who will tell all their friends about your site.

Create a Post Schedule and Post Frequently

If you only post to your blog when you feel like it, you’re doing your readers a disservice – if they come to your site once or twice and see nothing new, they’ll be gone forever. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. For example, on Mondays you might post about ongoing projects. On Wednesdays, you’ll post a case study from your business. On Fridays, you’ll look at a topical issue in your niche with a bit of humor. You don’t have to post every day to reach the top (although it helps) but you do need to let your reader know what to expect and when.

Guest Post

Do you know anyone with a popular blog in your niche? If not, do you think you could build a relationship with a blogger like that in the next few months? Your aim is to be a guest blogger on their blog, therefore borrowing their existing credibility (and readership base!) and redirecting it to you, likely increasing blog readership on your site. (Note: This also works if you ask the more influential blogger to guest post on your site. He or she will likely post about it on his own site, sending his readership your way.)

Content is King

It’s almost a digital marketing cliche, but it’s still true – in today’s crowded blogger-sphere, with the new Google algorithms rewarding quality content over spammy links, you need top-quality content on your blog. The only reason someone will stick with your blog is if the content is useful, informative and relevant to their lives. Know your target audience and speak directly to them.