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Facebook Watch: What’s It All About?

Facebook announced plans for their latest video-centric platform – Facebook Watch. Read time: 2 minutes, 45 seconds
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In Case You Missed It

2060 Digital put together a list of blogs you may have missed over the past couple of months. Read time: 15 seconds
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Snap Ads for Small Businesses – What Are Your Options?

With three advertising options, Snapchat is an effective way to capture the attention of 18-34 year olds. Read time: 2 minutes
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Raising the Bar with 2060 Display

2060 Digital is taking digital marketing to the next level with 2060 Display. Read time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
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Start Generating 8x More Consumer Traffic

With 2060 Display your ads will appear on 3 million white listed websites and be seen by consumers who are interested in buying your products and services. Read time: 1 minute
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What Can Display Advertising Do for You?

2060 Display produces 8x more clicks on three million white listed websites. Read time: 1 minute, 10 seconds
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8x More Clicks With 2060 Display

2060 Digital announces display program to generate 8x more website traffic for clients. Read time: 1 minute
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Middlemen Are Killing the Digital Business

2060 Display cuts out the middleman, resulting in 8x more website traffic at a fraction of the price of other digital providers. Read time: 1 minute
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The 2060 Display Difference

2060 Display delivers 8x more traffic to your website. Read time: 1 minute, 10 seconds
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Grow Your Brand Using Social Media Influencers

With an engagement rate 58x higher than Facebook companies are turning to Instagram influencers to grow their brands. Read time: 2 minutes
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8 Tips for Capturing Eye-Catching Photos

Photos are powerful – they have the ability to draw viewers to your content and create an instant connection that encourages interested minds to read further. By the same token, uninspired or lackluster images can have a negative impact on click-through rates and audience response levels, and in some cases they can even hurt the credibility of your…
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Not Seeing Your Ad? Here’s Why

So you’ve taken the necessary steps to launch your digital advertising campaign, but there’s only one slight problem – you don’t see your ads anywhere! Did you accidentally skip a step somewhere along the way, or is your ad campaign operating in some type of alternate universe? Well, the good news is that you haven’t gone crazy; in fact, this is ac…