Snap Ads for Small Businesses – What Are Your Options?

| 2060 Digital

With three advertising options, Snapchat is an effective way to capture the attention of 18-34 year olds. Read time: 2 minutes

Snapchat is a fun and effective way to get your brand in front of 18-34 year olds, with Americans in this age range attributing to 41% of the app’s daily reach. If millennials are part of your target audience, you may want to consider adding Snapchat to your advertising strategy.

Ad Options for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Snapchat currently offers three advertising options for businesses with small-medium sized budgets.

1. Snap Ads

Snap Ads show up within features on the Discover tab while a user is looking at content and at the end of a feature or individual story. A Snap Ad consists of an up-to 10-second video, with the option to swipe up for access to more content, such as a long-form video, app install, article or web view.

2. Local Geofilters

Geofilters are set up and designed for products, events, storefronts, etc. and then activated for specific locations. Wherever you activate the filter, whether it is in a store, a neighborhood, at a venue or event, users at that specified location can snap photos and apply your filter.

3. Snap to Unlock Filters and Codes

Snap to Unlock Codes are very new, so not too much is known about them yet, but they basically work like a QR code, where you scan a Snapcode to gain access to special offers or filters.

Note: Businesses with large budgets have additional advertising options, which include featuring trending stories, articles or event coverage on Snapchat’s Discover tab, as well as creating sponsored lenses in targeted locations or across the country.

Snapchat’s New Self-Serving Ad Manager

To help small-medium businesses advertise on its platform, Snapchat recently launched self-serve advertising tools, which include:

  • Snap Publisher, where advertisers can build ad creative

  • Ad Manager, where advertisers can buy, manage, optimize and view reporting for ad campaigns

  • Mobile Dashboard, where advertisers can preview ad creative as it will be seen by Snapchat users, review campaign performance, edit and pause campaigns, and receive notifications – all within the mobile app

  • Business Manager, where advertisers can determine admin roles and permissions, update billing contacts and manage multiple ad accounts

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Snapchat is changing the game for businesses looking to target 18-34 year olds. If you have questions, please ask away in the comments below! Or, if you would like the help of a professional social media strategist, contact 2060 Digital.