8x More Clicks With 2060 Display

| 2060 Digital

2060 Digital announces display program to generate 8x more website traffic for clients. Read time: 1 minute

2060 Display is different.

As a Premier Google Partner, we have certified knowledge of Google Advertising products, your local market and the Google technologies designed to support advertising performance to drive traffic. To put it simply, we use the best data available to target likely buyers.

With our certified knowledge and demographic and geographic expertise, we’re able to create a custom strategy for your business. As a result, we’ll target buyers who are looking for your products and services. After all, consumers are on average 155% more likely to search for specific brand terms after seeing display advertising.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, we’ll work closely with you to clarify your online marketing goals. At this time, we’ll discuss geographics and demographics to create a customized strategy.

  • Next, we’ll develop a customized advertising campaign.

  • Finally, your website will receive 8x more traffic.

It’s that easy – you only pay for clicks generated.

To find out how your company can benefit from 2060 Digital’s display program contact us today, or call 866.801.4469.