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How to Use Facebook’s New Page Insights

If you’ve gotten a prompt from Facebook about the new Page Insights, but aren’t sure what that means, then this post is for you. But first, some info if you aren’t even sure what Facebook Page Insights are: Facebook uses insights to track a Facebook page’s activity. You get tons of details about the online activity (i.e. page likes, comments, views…
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What Does Facebook’s Mobile Ad Growth Mean for Your Business?

Recently, we all found out that Facebook is making a killing with their mobile ads. Facebook drew 41 percent of their revenue during the second quarter of 2013 from mobile ads, which is up 14 percent from their 2012 second quarter revenue. Google, on the other hand, reported a revenue figure that was lower than the figure they had anticipated. So …
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Using Social Identity to Shape Your Brand Message

Have you ever stopped to wonder why social media has become such an integral part of our lives? By nature, we’re social creatures, so when given a tool like social media which provides seemingly unlimited potential for us to connect with others, it’s not too difficult to make the connection. Thanks to social media, we can develop and maintain relat…
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Get to Know Facebook Contest Guidelines

A Facebook promotion, contest or giveaway can be a great component to the social media strategy for virtually any individual or business. Whether you’re looking to build your social media audience, promote a new product or service, or generate new interest in your brand, a Facebook contest will lead people to your page and increase your followers. …
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What is Social Shopping?

More than ever before, consumers are flocking to social media to share their opinions on products and services, to ask for recommendations and even to shop. That’s right – social shopping. It’s just like going to the mall with your friends, but you never have to leave your home! Here’s a quick run-down of some popular social shopping sites that cou…
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Starting a Facebook Page from Scratch – 5 Key Components

Don’t have a Facebook page for your business? Maybe you do, but no one in your company has taken a look at it since it was created. Or maybe you’re trying to do the best with what you’ve got, but don’t know what’s important and what’s not. Whatever the state of your business’s page, there are five things that should be in place before you’ll be abl…
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Top Social Media Tools from Scheduling to Reports

When it comes to social media for business, there are a lot of things to remember and keep up with – have you responded to tweets, have you posted your new schedule or product announcement on Facebook, how many entries have been approved for your quarterly giveaway? You understand it’s important to share relevant content on a daily basis, but how d…
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Can You Measure Social Media ROI?

Most small business owners already understand that social media is a good idea. If they haven’t discovered this fact on their own, they’ve gotten valuable insight on the topic from a social media consultant. The potential for both connectivity and visibility is enough to convince most business owners to give social media a try. But how much time an…
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How to Make Social Media Demographics Work for You

Examining social media demographic information is a fantastic starting point when it comes to determining how to reach your target customers and where to focus your efforts. Here’s a look at some of the most recent demographics for popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.
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Social Video: Put Your Business in the Social Spotlight

Remember when you had to lug around a video camera to capture priceless moments on film to be replayed at graduations and birthday parities for years to come? From ones that rested on your shoulder to smaller hand-helds, the traditional video camera is becoming a thing of the past in an age where every new smartphone is equipped with a high quality…
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How to Use a Hashtag

This is a hashtag. At least when it comes to social media. So, how do you use it? A popular categorizing device on Twitter and newly on Facebook, the # symbol denotes a searchable keyword or phrase. Hashtags make it easy to find and share information on particular topics – users can simply enter a hashtagged topic of interest into a search field to…
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Get to Know Emerging Social Media Networks

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are definitely the places to focus your business’s social efforts, but it’s important to have an eye out for emerging social networks as well. While the big networks aren’t likely to go anywhere any time soon, be sure you consider what else is out there. Sure, there’s Tumblr and Instagram, but are you a…