What is Social Shopping?

| 2060 Digital

More than ever before, consumers are flocking to social media to share their opinions on products and services, to ask for recommendations and even to shop. That’s right – social shopping. It’s just like going to the mall with your friends, but you never have to leave your home! Here’s a quick run-down of some popular social shopping sites that could be valuable to your business when it comes to getting the word out about your product and – better yet – selling it.


Luvocracy boasts the slogan “find people you trust and shop what they love.” They strive to make shopping easy for their customers by doing all of the legwork. Luvocracy provides detailed information about popular, high quality products, making it simple to find a great deal on a top notch item. They work with their customers during the entire shopping process right through delivery. Many people also enjoy Luvocracy for their reward program. Every time someone buys one of the items that you love, you get a percentage of the sale. Don’t we all deserve that little reward for sharing our highly regarded opinions?


Kaboodle is a shopping-based social network that makes it simple for consumers to find other shoppers with similar tastes. One of the highlights of the site is the product reviews. The reviews will become more relevant as you get to know the people who are writing them. Have you ever been frustrated with a social bookmarking site that doesn’t have a handy tool for marking favorite products? Kaboodle has a toolbar button download that allows you to recommend products while you browse online.


MyItThings is a community-created fashion magazine. It extends beyond the traditional shopping experience and provides a virtual closet for showcasing newly purchased products and reviewing the items of your choosing. Many MyItThings users love the fact that they aren’t limited to recommending fashion items and can also promote movies, books and music.

If you’re curious about social shopping, it’s a good idea to hop on these sites and check them out. You’ll get an idea of what’s developing in the social space and may just find some great new products and ideas while you’re at it!