Crowdsource With Social Media

| 2060 Digital

Social media is a revolutionary business tool that has allowed consumers access to businesses on a personal level in a way that was never possible previously. Taking advantage of this relationship can help your business in a myriad of ways, particularly in crowdsourcing. What’s crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is soliciting solutions and ideas from a group of people – particularly those with a vested interest. Who better to crowdsource than fans of your business on social media?

Benefits of Crowdsourcing with Social Media

Once upon a time companies who wanted to engage with customers had to put together presentations, or create opportunities for two-way conversations. But now, in the age of social media, businesses are able to communicate directly with customers via their Twitter accounts or Facebook pages, and can hear feedback right away.

The complex social media exchanges that take place today bring businesses closer with their customers. As these relationships develop, both sides take on equal roles. Engaged customers become powerful brand advocates, as well as idea generators and product testers. If you can get your customers talking, you have the potential to build these kinds of relationships.


Now that you’re familiar with the concept and benefits of crowdsourcing, it’s time to put it into action. The following list includes key crowdsourcing principles that can be used on multiple social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Ask for feedback and then maximize its potential. Many companies leave the door open for feedback but get frustrated when customers don’t ever take the opportunity. Unless it is clear that there will be follow-up action from the company in response to the feedback, customers don’t have any incentive to leave it. Social media is a great way to ask for feedback because the platform allows businesses to provide immediate responses.When customers know that a company is listening, they will be more motivated to provide additional feedback in the future.

  • Hold contests and giveaways. People love winning prizes. There are many creative ways to hold contests on social media that will get people talking. Let’s say you own a Mexican restaurant. You can award a free burrito to the first 100 people who provide feedback to your question, “Which menu offering would you purchase based on name alone: Nachos Supreme or Nachos Grande?”

  • Solicit opinions via surveys and polls. Customers love to share their opinions. They feel connected with a brand and also feel appreciated when they can voice their feelings, opinions and ideas quickly and easily.

Social media has completely revolutionized the way that businesses engage with their customers. Today social media revolves around group experiences with thoughtful, collective engagement. Take advantage of this conversation when making company decisions – ask your loyal customers what they think, respond to them and make them feel heard.