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Ask These Key Questions to Determine Your Brand Message

When it comes to social media, a business must have a consistent brand message – but if you’ve never actually sat down and thought it out before, then your page probably doesn’t have one. The clarity that comes with having a consistent brand message helps your followers trust you and helps to bring exactly the kind of target customers you want into…
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5 Steps for Measuring the Success of a Social Media Campaign

If your business is using social media, you should definitely be measuring your efforts on a regular basis. Not only does measuring allow you to track your success, but you also can uncover mistakes and figure out specific ways to improve your campaign. According to social media experts, measuring social media campaign success can be done in two w…
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How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

When you’re connecting on social media, you aren’t wasting your time. With each interaction, your target audience finds another point of commonality and engages another level deeper with your brand. But, at the same time, wouldn’t it be great if you could use your time spent on social media to actually generate leads? You can, and it comes down to …
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Fuel Your Brand Message With an Online Petition

Are you at a loss for ideas for a social media campaign? Looking for a new and fresh way to fuel your brand message? You may want to think about using an online petition. If you can rally your followers behind a cause, you’ll not only be a catalyst for change, but you’ll also drive awareness and increase engagement with your brand. It’s a win-win, …
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Change Your Social Strategy from Push Messaging to Pull Messaging

Stop for a second and think about the content you’ve been posting on your social media channels. Are the majority of your posts full of information on your products, events and services? Is your tone authoritative? Full of jargon? Would your posts be confusing to anyone not associated with your brand or industry? If you find yourself answering yes …
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Crowdsource With Social Media

Social media is a revolutionary business tool that has allowed consumers access to businesses on a personal level in a way that was never possible previously. Taking advantage of this relationship can help your business in a myriad of ways, particularly in crowdsourcing. What’s crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is soliciting solutions and ideas from a g…
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How to Use the New Twitter Analytics

One of the recent major priorities at Twitter has been to improve their campaign analytics, and in March 2013, Twitter completely relaunched their analytics center. This effort was in response to feedback from Twitter advertisers. So if your business is advertising on Twitter, or if even if you’re planning to, why not get familiar with how to use t…
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5 Recommended Security Measures for Business Social Media Accounts

Running a business’s social media is a lot different from running a personal account – there’s significantly more strategy involved when it comes to content and chances are, there are more people involved in the day-to-day execution. And because of that very reason, privacy settings are just as important to business pages as they are to personal pr…
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Twitter Ads: Do they exist? And how do you use them?

There’s been a lot of talk about Facebook ads lately, but what about the other social media mainstay? Is it even possible to advertise on Twitter? The answer is yes, and in past three years, Twitter ads have come a long way. Currently, the Twitter platform is speedy, clean and intuitive with more features and options for advertisers than ever. If y…
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An Overview of Facebook’s New Contesting Rules

Facebook is full of surprises – known for changing policies and guidelines without much fanfare, the social media giant has just recently come out with updated contesting rules, and they could be game-changers for businesses using Facebook contesting as part of their social media strategy.
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How to Apply Facebook’s New Algorithm to Your Social Media Strategy

Have you heard? Last month, Facebook changed the algorithm for populating news feeds. One of the primary goals at Facebook is to make sure that the most relevant stories to each individual user always shows up in his or her news feed at the appropriate time – ensuring that users are seeing only high quality content flowing through their news feeds.…
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6 Steps to a Successful Instagram Promotion

If your business is on Instagram, but hasn’t seen much traction as far as gaining followers or engagement, then it might be time to consider a promotion. Promotions get your current followers sharing your message with their followers, who then follow your brand and increase your reach. So if your Instagram account hasn’t played a huge part in your …