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headshot of Lindsay Meibers, Social Media Lead Strategist

Behind the Screen with Social Media Lead Strategist Lindsay Meibers

Our social media team is one of the best around – and Lead Strategist Lindsay Meibers is just one of the reasons why. She shares what happens when a client starts working with us as well as what makes social media management with 2060 Digital a true game-changer for our clients.
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Don’t Miss These Crucial Steps When Posting to YouTube

If you’re currently using YouTube but experiencing somewhat lackluster results, be sure not to miss the following crucial steps when posting on YouTube, to get the most out of every video you publish.
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4 Things You Need to Know About Native Advertising

How much do you know about native advertising? If you’ve been hearing about it, but aren’t sure what it is or how to use it in your marketing, read up here.
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5 Reasons Why Your Display Ad Conversions Are Suffering

Have your display ads been producing lackluster results? Are you experiencing embarrassingly low conversion rates? If your current display advertising campaign leaves much to be desired, below are five common reasons why your conversions are suffering.
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The Push-Pull Theory: How Digital Marketing Elements All Work Together

Like any other classic combination (peanut butter and jelly, Lucy and Ricky…), something seemingly magical happens when you employ both push and pull marketing in a holistic marketing strategy. Read on to find out how implementing the “push-pull theory” will help you garner more leads, boost conversions, and improve your overall ROI, than just empl…
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The 6 Essentials of Running a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best ways to reach customers. Point blank, it works. Maximize the potential of email marketing for your business with these six essential tips to running a successful, ROI-boosting email campaign.
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Why Not Having a Mobile Optimized Website is Benching Your Company

Two billion – that’s the number of mobile Internet users worldwide; a number forecasted to grow by 2% each year through 2020 (according to a report released by the International Data Corporation). With staggering facts like these to consider, neglecting to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible is a huge tactical error. Below are three ke…
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2060 Digital's Greatest Hits: Our 10 Most-Read Blogs

We’ve published a lot of blog posts over the years – this post makes 345, to be exact! Maybe we’ve got a lot to say, maybe we like to hear ourselves talk, but more than anything it’s because we want to give you the tools you need to make educated and informed decisions about your digital marketing.
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Read Up on YouTube’s New Ad Format – Six-Second, Unskippable Bumper Ads

Yesterday, YouTube made their True-View ad format – Bumper ads – available to all advertisers.
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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

It’s a common question we hear – how can I use social media for recruitment? Social media can provide unique opportunities to get in front of job-hunters in ways that traditional advertising just isn’t capable of. Here are a few of the tactics that we’ve used to help clients find their ideal candidates on social media.
Headshot of Haily Nguyen

Behind the Screen with Digital Strategist Haily Nguyen

Haily Nguyen, a Digital Strategist on our Washington, D.C. team, not only strategizes winning campaigns for clients, but she’s also a master-interpreter of the sometimes confusing and often incredibly granular results. Find out why she takes this role so seriously, as well as what she thinks 2060’s biggest differentiator is and more – read on!
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How to Tap Into the Power of Expandable Mobile Advertising

Even with the average smartphone user checking their phone 46 times per day, just buying mobile ad placements does not guarantee success. Banner blindness is a very real issue, especially with traditional ad formats (e.g., 320 x 50 banner, etc.). Fortunately, expandable mobile ads are capturing users’ attention. Read on to find out what this innova…