Discover the Best Way to Advertise on Facebook for Your Business

| 2060 Digital

At this point, it’s probably safe to assume your business has a Facebook page (if not, give us a call). Now you’re tossing around the idea of advertising. Should I advertise on Facebook? Is it worth the money? There are so many different types of Facebook ads, how do I even get started?

If you’re not currently advertising on Facebook, to put it simply… start. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users, meaning you’ll instantly increase your business’ exposure. But the various different types of ads can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re here to help break down what type of ad you need and how to decide.

Thanks to the variety of ads available on Facebook, you’re more likely to find an ad that will help you see the type of ROI that you’re looking for. First you’ll want to determine the basics:

  • What are my goals? Are you trying to increase brand awareness, are you looking to drive customers to your website, are you looking to gain Facebook followers, or something else?

  • Who is my target audience? Knowing this will make it your life super easy when you begin building your ad.

Finally, you’ll want to determine your budget. Then it’s time to get started by determining what type of ad you want to run. Let’s break it down:

Facebook Page Likes

If you’re looking to increase the number of followers you have on Facebook, this is the ad for you. It’s important to have a strong Facebook following because it helps build community and can also help you determine who’s interested in your business. Facebook insights allow you to see the demographics of your Facebook followers, and with more followers you can get a better understanding of who your audience is. Facebook page likes ads can include a photo along with a headline and description. Learn more about page likes and how to get started here.

Website Clicks Ads

Are you looking to drive people to your website or a specific landing page? This can be easily achieved with website clicks ads. Using either a photo or a video accompanied by headline and text, take a viewer to a page on your website or have them learn about your business using a website clicks ad. Learn more about website clicks ads here.

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook recently introduced lead generation ads, making it simpler to obtaining customer information using forms on mobile devices. Lead generation ads automatically populate the potential contact information of the user with the information that they have already provided to Facebook. The forms are also highly customizable, and the customer never leaves the Facebook app. Learn more about lead generation ads here.

Local Awareness Ads

If you’re trying to reach potential customers in your community, a local awareness ad is the perfect solution. You start by plugging in your business address, and from there you determine a geographic radius that you want to reach. Customers in that radius will receive your ad, making it ideal for reaching people that live in your neighborhood or visit the area frequently. Learn more about local awareness ads here.

Now that you know more about the different types of Facebook ads available to your business, reach out to 2060 Digital for help putting together an ad campaign that accomplishes your goals. We’re experts in building Facebook ad campaigns that maximize your budget and gets you results.