Hubbard Radio and 2060 Digital Purchase TiWi Digital’s TriggerEX Ad Delivery Technology

by Affonso Barolo

Breaking: Hubbard Radio and 2060 Digital are proud to announce an agreement to purchase TriggerEX Ad Delivery Technology from TiWi Digital.

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With the acquisition of the TriggerEX ad technology, Hubbard Radio and 2060 Digital have expanded our digital solutions platform by offering advertising partners this unique and productive digital advertisement delivery solution.

“We are proud and grateful Hubbard Radio and 2060 Digital have chosen to purchase the TriggerEX advertising technology.  With Hubbard’s experience and expertise in providing clients top-of-the-line marketing and advertising solutions, addressing increased sophistication in the marketplace with TriggerEX is a natural fit,” said Andy Dahl, Founder and CEO at TiWi Digital and creator of TriggerEX. “With Hubbard and 2060, we have stewards that will grow, innovate, and improve the technology and continue their commitment to deliver the productive experience their clients are looking for.”

The TriggerEX platform offers advertisers the flexibility to change messages mid-flight in a social-media-like way. In practical terms, TriggerEX is an ad delivery technology that enables companies to create and deliver a unique display ad and message based on the contents of a data feed in real-time.

“We have been using the TriggerEX tech for four or five years and not only does it deliver consistently more productive ad campaigns, but it also provides a nimble and timely ad message that our clients have come to expect,” said Bernie Laur, Director of Digital Sales for Hubbard Interactive – Twin Cities.  “And to prove it, our clients come back year after year.”

About Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.

Started in 1923, Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. is an American television and radio broadcasting corporation based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota that was started by Stanley E. Hubbard.  Hubbard Broadcasting operates radio stations and television stations in nine states.  In addition to radio and television broadcast stations, other Hubbard Broadcasting companies include the satellite and cable networks ReelzChannel (launched in 2006) and Ovation TV, F&F Productions, 2060 Digital and the Hubbard Radio Network.  Hubbard Radio is also a partner of Podcast One.

About TiWi Digital

TiWi Digital is a leading digital technology developer of automated triggered advertising solutions leveraging data to build advanced advertising capabilities. TiWi’s mission is to deliver the most relevant, timely, engaging, and productive advertising to web and mobile visitors. For more TiWi information, please visit or call 651.324.2029.