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Seasonality in a Digital World: How to Adjust Your Strategy Accordingly

Seasonality is one of the biggest factors impacting the world of digital marketing on a regular basis. For example, florists typically expect a boost in traffic around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Retailers of prom attire are well aware that March is the month where search engine traffic for prom dresses tends to peak. And of course, every onl…
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Why Getting Outside Help With Facebook Ads Is Not a Bad Idea

For most businesses today, having a presence on Facebook is a no-brainer. And while setting up a Facebook page is a good first step toward gaining exposure for your business, your reach will be very limited without the help of paid advertising via Facebook Ads.
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Maximum Impact: The Best Times and Days to Email Your Database

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “When’s the best time to send emails to my database?” And most times, the answer is not as straightforward as you’d like. Truth be told, there’s no “one size fits all” send time that guarantees a home run in terms of open rates or engagement. So does this mean that your email campaigns are relegated t…
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The Blog is Not Enough: Why SEO Needs Fresh Website Copy, Too

One of the most oft-repeated axioms in all of digital marketing is that “Content is king,” and for many marketers, this statement is a salient reminder to keep blogs updated with fresh posts on a regular basis. While it’s definitely a good practice to keep your dynamic content (e.g., blogs, company news, events, etc.) up-to-date, that doesn’t mean …
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How Can You Use Social Media Hashtags to Grow Your Business?

Ah, the hashtag. That bastion of social media awesomeness. Some view it as a useful way to connect various themes and memes across social media sites, while others see it as somewhat of an annoyance. Either way it goes, hashtags–and the words that come behind them–aren’t going anywhere, and have actually proven to be quite an effective marketing to…
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Behind the Screen with Web Developer Marc Palmer

When it comes to creating brand-new websites for clients, we turn to our team of Web Developers to for their expertise and drive to deliver the best. Marc Palmer shares what the process is like making a client’s dream become an on-screen reality.
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The Truth About Real-Time Bidding

As the online advertising space continues to flourish, one of the most talked-about technologies to emerge in recent years is real-time bidding (RTB). This sophisticated system allows marketers to purchase advertising space on an impression-by-impression basis across a wide range of online properties.
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How to Integrate Your Advertising across All Media Channels

Multi-channel marketing–i.e., the practice of marketing to consumers through multiple media channels–has become a major theme in recent years, and is becoming more and more of a necessity due to the rapid changes taking place in consumer behavior. In today’s era of digitally-driven commerce, potential customers have an unprecedented number of mediu…
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A Day in the Life of a Social Media Strategist

8:30 a.m. I roll into the office, start up my computer and do some basic social housekeeping: checking my email and Facebook pages for notifications. I also grab coffee, because caffeine in all forms – iced, hot, or lukewarm – is a necessity.
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YouTube TrueView vs. Video Preroll – What Will Work Best for You?

YouTube has proven to be fertile soil for digital marketers, hauling in a reported $9 billion worth of advertising revenue in 2015 alone. While the mammoth video sharing site offers a variety of advertising options for marketers, two formats in particular–TrueView and Preroll–are among the most effective in terms of audience targeting and budget-fr…
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Facebook Canvas Ads – Cool Idea or Can They Actually Work for Your Brand?

Facebook has never been one to rest on its laurels when it comes to making mobile more engaging and effective, and for good reason–mobile ad spend was one of the main drivers behind the company’s $17.93 billion in revenue last year. The social network’s latest foray into the world of mobile innovation is an immersive advertising experience known as…
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How Digital Marketing Assists the Path to Purchase

In a perfect world, your target customer would simply view your advertisement, immediately visit your website, rush to the checkout page or store, and whip out their credit card. Unfortunately, the world we’re living in is far from perfect, and the average path to purchase is far from linear in today’s digitally-dominated consumer landscape.