Why Getting Outside Help With Facebook Ads Is Not a Bad Idea

| 2060 Digital

For most businesses today, having a presence on Facebook is a no-brainer. And while setting up a Facebook page is a good first step toward gaining exposure for your business, your reach will be very limited without the help of paid advertising via Facebook Ads.

Increasing Your Reach on Facebook: Why Depending On Organic Traffic Alone Won’t Cut It Anymore

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has undergone four major changes already this year, and with every new adjustment, it’s getting more difficult for brands that depend on organic traffic alone to gain visibility for their posts in their followers’ News Feeds.

While volumes could be written about the technical details of these algorithmic changes, the bottom line is that posts that are being promoted via Facebook Ads will occupy more real estate in users’ News Feeds than organic posts. This means that without “boosting” your post via Facebook Ads, your message might be smothered by those who do. So if you’re looking to increase engagement with your target audience on Facebook, you need to start incorporating Facebook Ads into your marketing strategy for optimal results.

When done right, Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful traffic generation tools on the planet; however, there are quite a few nuances to Facebook Ads that can make or break a campaign, and if you’re not well-versed in the subtle details of campaign management, your ROI can suffer as a result.

For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to get outside help from an experienced digital marketing agency that knows how to leverage every aspect of this robust platform to deliver optimal results for your campaigns. Below are some key reasons why getting outside help with Facebook Ads is the best way to harness the value of this game-changing platform.

1. Your Targeting Techniques Will Improve
Facebook Ads have outstanding pinpoint targeting capabilities, but you’d be surprised at how many campaigns fail due to incorrect or imprecise targeting. While targeting by broad demographic factors such as age, location, and gender are a good start, you could still experience lackluster results without understanding how to maximize your reach through the various Detailed Targeting parameters within the ad management interface (or Power Editor). A savvy social media marketing team can help you navigate these important options (e.g., Interests, Behaviors, Connections, etc.) to help you narrow down your audience for optimal results.

2. Your Ad Images and Copy Will Improve
Ten marketers out of ten will tell you that the most important aspect of your ad is the image; without an eye-grabbing image, your ad is dead in the water. A seasoned digital marketing team knows all of the tricks of the trade regarding image selection, so that your ads will attract clicks like a magnet. From colors to composition to having the correct dimensions, working with a digital marketing team will shave untold amounts of time off the learning curve as far as image selection is concerned. Although ad copy is secondary to image in terms of what attracts the clicks, having the input of an experienced digital marketing team can also help you craft compelling copy that will prompt users to act.

3. Your Bidding and Budgeting Strategies Will Improve
If there’s one thing that can sink a Facebook Ads campaign in short order, it’s not having a sound bidding and budgeting strategy. When you enlist the help of a social media management agency, you receive budget-friendly insight and solid recommendations regarding how to optimize your bids for greater audience penetration and more clicks.

The learning curve for Facebook Ads can be somewhat steep when you don’t have any outside help or guidance. Make a decision to enlist the help of a qualified digital marketing agency, so you can reap all the benefits of promoting your brand on the world’s largest social network.