Check Out Our Top 10 Social Media Blog Posts

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We’ve been in the social media management game for a while now, and we’ve learned some key things along the way. Though it can be overwhelming, businesses with social media pages have a great asset at their fingertips, but not when the pages aren’t being used to their fullest potential. So take a look at our Top 10 social media blog posts we’ve published over the years to help get a handle on this valuable digital marketing asset.


Feeling overwhelmed by all the demands of social media? Between creating content, engaging with followers and creating an online experience that nurtures leads through the buying experience (across multiple platforms no less!), it’s no wonder many business pages fizzle out after a couple months.

But not yours! You’re in it to win it…and you’re going to succeed with the most important, most helpful, most can’t-live-without-it tool – a social media content calendar. Read more here.


Because of the importance of the bottom line in social media for businesses, many tools have been created out of a need to understand how to maximize a given social platform for marketing purposes. For the “Twittersphere” in particular, Followerwonk stands out as one of the most thorough tracking and charting applications available to help you get the most out of your Twitter activity. Read more about Follwerwonk here.


Small and medium-sized enterprises use Facebook in order to increase their visibility and to improve their sales and conversion rates as well. But Facebook only works as a marketing tool if used correctly. Luckily, there are several tools to help you get the most out of your Facebook marketing campaigns. Here’s a look a three of the most essential Facebook tools to have in your social media tool belt.


The severe backlash that can come from a social media blunder is enough to make any brand manager think twice about how to approach their communications strategy through these various mediums. Here are some prime examples of epic social media failures, and what we can learn from them in order to avoid making those same mistakes as well.


This extremely popular social network is a must for certain businesses whose products and services lend themselves to the network’s pinboard/inspiration format. Not only can businesses promote their offerings, but they can also use Pinterest to build a strong reputation in the market for curating boards that inspire followers. Here’s a break down of how to build your brand on Pinterest as well as just what this network is all about.


Used in conjunction with email campaigns and a strong web presence, auto dealers who use social media can boost sales not only of vehicles but also of parts and services to repeat, happy customers. Here’s a look at four effective strategies for using social media to drive auto sales.


A good social media agency will offer management packages that are customized to each business, but all include these five essential elements that help to drastically raise the level of engagement with a business’s followers.

Thinking about enlisting the help of a social media marketing agency? Don’t be surprised by what you get or don’t get – check out this list of 5 social media management package must-haves.


Although we’re living in a fast-paced business environment where social media content consumption stays in overdrive, more is not always better when it comes to your social media communications. It is important to remember that quality is still the main driver of customer engagement, far more than the frequency of your social media posts. Read more here.


The nature of Facebook doesn’t lend itself to easily reporting on ROI. So what do you measure then? And how do you know if what you’re measuring is really the best way to tell how much return your business is seeing from its presence on the site? The truth is, Facebook doesn’t make it easy on marketers – you’re going to have to do a little digging to see that your efforts are worth it. Here’s how to measure the right Facebook results.


The image-heavy nature of Instagram calls for a unique strategic approach, but when done correctly, it can add an entirely new dimension of creativity and authenticity to the social profile of your brand. With more than 200 million monthly active users, Instagram is a veritable gold mine for businesses that are looking to connect with their customers in a fun and meaningful way. Read more here.