5 Must-Haves in Any Social Media Management Package

| 2060 Digital

Over the last few years, both small businesses and large companies have recognized social media as a major opportunity to expand their consumer base and improve their brand profile. With the assistance of social media marketers, some of these businesses have successfully connected with their audiences in lasting ways – but others are only scratching the surface of what social media can do. A good social media agency will offer management packages that are customized to each business, but all include these five essential elements that help to drastically raise the level of engagement with a business’s followers.

Thinking about enlisting the help of a social media marketing agency? Don’t be surprised by what you get or don’t get – check out this list of 5 social media management package must-haves:

1. Quality Content Creation and Distribution

Content is king! This is possibly nowhere more true than in social media. A good social media management package must include quality, meaningful content that’s distributed strategically among the various social pages your agency will be managing. The agency’s content writers should be able to create content in the client’s voice while taking into account the expectations of the audience and what will drive engagement. There should also be a plan in place to distribute the content to social media audiences so that it has the best chance of engagement.

2. Innovative and Effective Promotional Campaigns

Most social media management packages will include the aforementioned services, or at least some form of them. The difference between a mediocre package and one that will really deliver results is in the agency’s ability to produce creative promotional campaigns that are specifically tailored to your business’s goals – from coupons and offers, targeted ads and contests to tracking, reporting, data collection and analysis.

3. Audience Interaction and Timely Responses

Interaction with potential as well as existing customers plays a vital role in generating leads through social media because a happy and satisfied customer will not only purchase your product, but may also refer it to his or her friends. Thus, an effective management package includes audience interaction via daily monitoring the page and responding to all questions and comments in a timely manner.

4. Social Media Page Optimization and High Quality Graphics

When you put your social media pages in an agency’s hands, you should expect professionally designed graphics that will raise your reputation, like branded cover photos and high-quality background images, as well as promotional photos, apps, galleries and more. Likewise, social media page optimization should also be a part of your package – ensuring that your company information is presented clearly and fully.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming increasingly more important to social media as videos are some of the most highly shared content on the Internet. The number of videos created for your business will largely depend on the social media management package price. But a good agency should offer video concepting, script writing, filming and producing for each video.

When you’ve got all five of these social media elements working together, you can rest easy knowing your pages are receiving the attention and content they need to succeed. Not sure if your package includes what we’ve talked about in this post? Don’t be afraid to ask your agency just what you’re getting. If you’re paying an them to boost engagement, bring in leads and develop brand loyalty, you should be getting what you paid for.