Building Your Brand One Pinterest Board at a Time

| 2060 Digital

Thanks to technology and the myriad social networks available, it’s never been easier to build your brand, and it’s never been harder to survive. There are tons of variables to consider when it comes where your business ranks among its competitors – so many it may seem undoable to control them all. But you can take advantage of brand-building benefits of social media – particularly Pinterest. This extremely popular social network is a must for certain businesses whose products and services lend themselves to the network’s pinboard/inspiration format. Not only can businesses promote their offerings, but they can also use Pinterest to build a strong reputation in the market for curating boards that inspire followers. Let’s break down how to build your brand on Pinterest as well as go over just what this network is all about.

Pinterest allows its users to manage and create image collections called boards, with the images linking to content on the Internet. Users can follow the boards of people with similar interests and tastes, and re-pin images (content) that inspire them to their own boards.

With Pinterest, businesses are able to showcase their own work, as well as that which inspires them or content that’s helpful to people who might use their products. For example, an appliance store may have a board populated by images of the particular products they sell, but they may also have a board of full kitchens that feature their products, and a board of helpful household cleaning tips.

Think your brand can benefit from being on Pinterest? Consider the following ideas for creating content to feature on your pin boards.

1) Educate – “How-to” information performs well on Pinterest. Think of ways you can educate, inform or teach your prospective customers about the products or services you provide. Examples of this include: a hardware store pinning a page on their website that explains step-by-step how to paint a room; a sporting goods store pinning a video they created that shows proper running technique; a local grocer pinning recipes featuring ingredients that happen to be on sale.

Also, if you have any downloadable content on your website, pin it! Just be sure you’re asking for valuable information (name, email, phone number, etc.) via a form before they download.

2) Promote Events – If your business is hosting an upcoming event, meeting or training, you can certainly create a board around it. In fact, this could be a great way to attract interest without seeming spammy or salesy. Pin information about:

  • Sponsors

  • Speakers

  • Workshops and other informational or educational sessions

  • Special offers for event attenders

  • The event location and surrounding areas

3) Showcase “Before and Afters” – Businesses like salons, interior decorators, landscapers, plastic surgeons, dentists and more most likely have “before and after” images on their website. These images, if linked to informative and useful information, can be great content for a Pinterest board.

4) Highlight Company Culture – Give your followers an inside peek at your business – share what inspires you, causes you care about, quotes that reflect your company’s message and mission. Let’s say you run an organic coffee shop. Create a board featuring pins of various projects from across the world reinforcing the commitment of your business to sustainability, eco-friendly manufacturing and organic farming.

These four board ideas can get you on the right track to finding and engaging with potential customers with visuals and content that speaks about your message and addresses their needs.