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Twitter Tools: How to Use Followerwonk

Social media marketing is a game changer, as many business owners and marketing managers know. And because of its importance to the bottom line, many tools have been created out of a need to understand how to maximize a given social platform for marketing purposes. For the “Twittersphere” in particular, Followerwonk stands out as one of the most th…
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The 3 Pieces Of Premium Content You Can Create Today

Premium content is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business by leaps and bounds. When you implement a premium content strategy, it does wonders for establishing credibility and authority in your given field. But it can be difficult to carve out time to sit down and create valuable premium content that will attract leads and establish th…
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The Dos and Don’ts of Real-Time Marketing with Social Media

One of social media’s greatest advantages is also one of its greatest dangers – its real-time nature. Providing up-to-the-minute information is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and attract new followers, but it’s inevitable that your company will make a mistake in this fast-paced publishing atmosphere. Some social media platforms offer …
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Tips for Generating Podcast Content

Ready to up your content game? Feeling like your standard social media and blogging efforts just aren’t bringing in the traffic you’d like to see? Maybe it’s time to think about a podcast. A downloadable broadcast of you or someone from your company discussing industry news, product updates and other interesting information that your target custome…
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What's More Powerful Than Your Social Media Audience?

It’s one thing to have a social media audience – those people who follow your page for updates and click like on the occasional post. An audience is a really good thing to have, and a lot of importance is placed in to growing a brand’s audience and reach, and rightly so. But even more powerful than a social media audience is a community. A social m…
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Improve SEO In 5 Simple Steps

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective and highly efficient way you can increase brand awareness, boost sales and expand your target market, but that’s only if you’re doing it right. The good thing is, it’s not difficult to put some SEO best practices in place starting right away. Here’s how you can improve your SEO in five simple st…
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Should You Be Growing Your Social Media Fanbase Or Monetizing It?

Social media plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign, as it allows you to market your products and service in a fast and efficient manner. However, growing your fanbase can be a daunting task that takes years of hard work, and while some business owners choose to naturally grow their social media fanbase, others choose to monetize it. There’…
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How Inbound Marketing Provides Real ROI You Can Measure

Inbound marketing has become a force to be reckoned with in the age of digital commerce, primarily because it focuses on earning the attention of a target market instead of having to pay for it. The tried-and-true staples of inbound marketing such as social media participation and content marketing can greatly increase lead generation and acquisiti…
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Use Facebook Ads to Give Your Engagement a Boost

Even if your keywords and ads are getting people to your website landing pages, if you can’t get them to convert, it won’t matter how your other efforts are performing. In fact, conversation rates are more likely to be improved through a well-planned landing page than through a shiny new ad. An ideal landing page will captivate the user as soon as …
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Protecting Your Social Media Accounts Against Heartbleed

Heartbleed is the biggest Internet security threat that’s come to light, well, possibly ever. Your most sensitive information that’s stored on your most used accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, your bank, your online dating profile…) could have been left open and exposed for the past two years due to this encryption flaw. Ok. Deep breath – so now t…
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Why Social Media and Inbound Marketing Go Hand in Hand

With all of the benefits that inbound marketing brings, businesses often struggle with developing and implementing a solid inbound marketing strategy because they feel overwhelmed with the many different options available, and they don’t quite know where to begin. One of the easiest and most effective beginning steps to take is to develop a strong …
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Trends in Social Media Contesting

Social media contests are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, generate leads and foster customer engagement. One of the primary advantages of conducting a social media contest is the high level of interactivity that it affords, and in terms of cost-effectiveness, the return on investment is hard to beat.