Is HubSpot Worth It? What Analytics Say About Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

| 2060 Digital

Management guru Peter Drucker once famously stated that “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of inbound marketing. Without some type of software to help you quantify and analyze the effects of your inbound marketing efforts, you’re essentially flying blind, and will undercut your own success due to a lack of concrete data from which you can make important strategic marketing decisions. Luckily there are some pretty amazing tools out there to help you keep your bearings. One of them is an inbound marketing software called HubSpot.

But is HubSpot worth it? First, let’s talk about what it is. HubSpot’s integrated software is the premier tool for inbound marketers looking to refine and sharpen their business strategies. With HubSpot, you have access to a wide array of important metrics covering your marketing content, contacts database and website traffic, all wrapped up into one robust platform from which to execute your strategy. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of every component of your marketing funnel, so that you can strengthen the weak areas and further reinforce the elements that are doing well, ensuring you’re seeing real ROI. 

So what can HubSpot analytics tell you about your marketing strategy? For starters, the platform keeps track of all activity across your various marketing channels. You’re able to view how people arrive at your website (via direct traffic, organic search, email marketing, offline sources, etc.), as well as which channels produce the most contact form submissions and customers. From this data, you can determine if you need to adjust your marketing strategy to beef up specific channels that are performing extraordinarily well in comparison to other channels. The rationale behind this is that you will want to direct your energies and resources towards the most productive ends. With these analytics, this will no longer be a matter of guesswork or approximations; you’ll be able to obtain concrete data from which to make better strategic decisions regarding your marketing channels.

HubSpot’s landing page analytics will help you identify how many visitors, contacts and customers have been generated by way of your landing pages. You can also organize this data into a list format for easy reference. In addition, HubSpot offers detailed email analytics to help you see how many emails are opened versus how many are sent. You will also be able to identify undeliverable email addresses, as well as how many contacts are regularly engaged and responsive to your email communications. Another powerful feature HubSpot offers is CTA (call to action) reporting, which provides you with visit-to-click conversion data so that you can determine the effectiveness of your calls to action.

One of the most important advantages of HubSpot analytics is that it covers the entire customer lifecycle, helping you keep track of everything from the first interaction forward. This includes the extremely helpful Sources Report, which categorizes your web traffic into various sources (Social Media, Organic Search, etc.). HubSpot also provides granular content reports to help you identify your most popular or influential web pages, as well as comprehensive database reports that help you break your contacts down into different lifecycle phases (Lead, Customer, Subscriber, etc.). Each of these data points can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy so that you can approach your business efforts with a results-oriented, laser-focused initiative.

Any business owner will tell you that your stats always tell the real story. HubSpot offers a strong competitive advantage by empowering you with key information regarding every detail of your marketing efforts. This vital data will paint an accurate picture of what element(s) of your strategy is actually producing results, instead of relegating you to taking shots in the dark with your precious time and resources. The data is always changing, and as such you need a strong, detailed system to help track, manage and analyze your inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot’s integrated software fully fits the bill for this task, and as you implement this powerful tool into your daily marketing activities, you will quickly recognize the amazing advantages it provides for your business.