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What’s the Difference Between Mobile Optimized and Responsive Sites?

The advent of various Internet-ready mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has completely revolutionized the website design industry. Only a decade ago it was standard practice to build and publish a website with nothing but desktop usability in mind, but adapting that mindset in today’s world could alienate a large percentage of your webs…
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Why Brand Blasting on Social Media is a Bad Idea

One of the cardinal sins of social media is “brand blasting” – when a business engages in the rapid-fire publishing of self-promotional content with little to no interaction with their audience. Whenever a brand blasts out seemingly incessant tweets or Facebook status updates that primarily highlight what their own business is doing, it comes acros…
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Top 10 Things Every Website Needs

Getting found online is half the battle – once people click through to your website, you’ve got to keep them there and hopefully get them to convert into leads. So what kinds of things do you need to have on your website to accomplish all this? Glad you asked. Here are the top 10 things every website needs:
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Content Creation The Easy Way – Quick Ideas For Business Blog Posts

If you’ve got a business blog, you’re on the right track to creating a website that’s a lead generation powerhouse. But one of the most difficult things about having a business blog is maintaining a business blog with fresh, engaging content your readers will find valuable and worth their time to read. What happens when you run into writer’s block?…
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Are You Using These 3 Essential Facebook Tools?

Facebook has become more than just a social networking platform: it’s become a useful tool that the world’s largest brands and organizations use to market their products and services. Small and medium-sized enterprises use Facebook in order to increase their visibility and to improve their sales and conversion rates as well. But Facebook only works…
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A Brand with a Plan: How to Develop a Content Strategy That Works

There’s no way around it, content marketing is the lifeblood of online lead generation. If you’re finding that your content marketing efforts are yielding very little tangible results in the form of traffic or leads, it may be time to rethink your content strategy. Below are some simple yet effective tips to help you develop a content strategy that…
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Social Media SOS: Learn from These Social Media Mistakes

Perhaps nowhere is the saying “Loose lips sink ships” more true than social media. It may seem like a no-brainer that your business’s social media posts should be carefully thought out for how your audience will react. Unfortunately, some companies learned this lesson the hard way, watching the integrity of their brand go up in flames as an ill-co…
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Dealing with Social Media Backlash: A Counterattack Plan

For one reason or another, a business will land in the cross hairs of the masses. When this happens, one of the first places people go to air their less-than-favorable opinions about the company is social media. So the platform that helps the business market its products and engage with customers becomes a battleground, often times with the busines…
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5 SEO Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make

It may sound drastic, but your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can make or break your website. A good, well-thought out and properly implemented SEO strategy can turn your website into an alluring authority in its niche, it can boost traffic and it can also increase your ranking in search engine results. On the other hand, if you fall in…
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4 Ways Auto Dealers Can Use Social Media to Boost Sales

The auto industry is synonymous with loyalty. But as the automobile business landscape becomes even more competitive, savvy dealers are doing all they can to foster long-term relationships with customers through social media. Used in conjunction with email campaigns and a strong web presence, auto dealers who use social media can boost sales not on…
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How to Make a Facebook Post Double Its Reach (or more!)

Small and large businesses alike use Facebook as the link between their company and their customer. But many recent changes to Facebook have left some businesses wondering if they’re really reaching any customers at all – Facebook has drastically altered its algorithm to reduce the amount of posts people see from the company pages they like.
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Tasty Tips for Restaurants Using Social Media

Here at 2060 Digital we consult with lots of Cincinnati restaurants