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Get Your Holiday Marketing Ready – The Season of Reindeer And Retail is Coming

Every year, it feels as if the leaves can barely change colors before advertisers turn on the holiday lights. And, every year, retail’s “season’s greetings” get more competitive. So, how does the everyday retailer compete for that Christmas cash? The answers to successful holiday marketing lie in strong and purposeful social, email and mobile strat…
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5 Questions You Need to Know the Answers to Before You Begin SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a time-tested staple of online marketing, and when done right, it can bring a constant stream of highly targeted traffic to your website with virtually no out-of-pocket cost. While the benefits of SEO are hard to beat, they don’t come easy; in fact, there are several subtle but highly important aspects of SEO tha…
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The Art and Science of Pay-Per-Click Text Ads

When it comes to online marketing, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness of pay-per-click (PPC) text ads. There is perhaps no more immediate way for your brand to gain visibility and the attention of a highly targeted audience than through PPC. Not only that, but pay-per-click advertising also offers you a much greater degree of control in terms of a…
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Does Your Social Media Ad Strategy Need a Reboot?

Think you’ve got social media advertising in the bag? You may have been running ads for a while now, but as long as your ads are running, there’ll always be things you can tweak or adjust in order to squeeze every last possible drop of ROI out of your ad dollars. An all-too-common tragedy in the advertising world is when a marketer thinks that ever…
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Let's Review: How Customer Reviews Can Help SEO

It goes without saying that customer reviews are critical to the success of your company. While one or two bad reviews may not spell complete disaster for your business, they can definitely give it a gut punch. A string of bad reviews can sink your company like the Titanic. Conversely, if your company receives several rave reviews online, it can do…
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Primary Device Switches from Desktop to Mobile – Your Digital Strategy Should, Too

Does your current digital marketing strategy include reaching out to mobile Internet users? If not, it may be time to rethink your approach. The increasing prevalence of mobile-based Internet usage has forced many marketers to accommodate a large portion of users who access the Internet almost exclusively by way of their mobile devices. In fact, ma…
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Facebook Lead Generation Just Got Easier

Facebook has incredible advertising potential, but when it comes to actual lead generation, stellar results on the world’s largest social network haven’t traditionally been easy to come by.
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How to Figure Out What Should Go on Your Landing Page, and Where

The landing page is an indispensable staple of any lead generation campaign, and when done right, it can act as a 24/7 virtual salesperson that can garner leads and sales even while you sleep. Conversely, a poorly constructed landing page will turn your website into a digital ghost town, converting visitors on a very sporadic basis. So how can you…
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Conceptualizing a Digital Ad from Start to Finish

Digital advertising is one of the most popular tools that brands use to achieve their strategic objectives, and when done right, it can drive a steady stream of highly targeted leads and customers to your website. While this may sound like a marketer’s utopia, anyone who’s been in the digital advertising space for any length of time will tell you t…
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Just How Important is Your Website Homepage?

Ever since the inception of the World Wide Web, the homepage has been considered to be the most important element of a website, but recent shifts in user behavior have begun to challenge that notion like never before.
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Pinterest Surpasses 100 Million Pinners: What Are You Going to Do Next?

Pinterest just recently released a report confirming that it now has over 100 million monthly active users (MAUs). Conceived a mere five years ago, Pinterest quickly became a social media darling due to its disruptive visually-driven format, as well as its emphasis on simplicity and elegant design. Aside from hitting the 100-million-user milestone,…
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The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Content

Content marketing encompasses a whole lot more than just publishing a blog post and waiting to see what happens. Developing and publishing your content is only the beginning. Many digital marketers abide by the mantra that you should spend more time promoting your content than you did creating it. So what are some of the best ways to promote your c…