How Important is the Reporting from Your Digital Agency?

| 2060 Digital

Just how important is the reporting from your digital agency? This is a question worth examining, because in many respects, your ability to make informed business decisions will only be as good as your data. Whether your goal is to increase sales, generate more leads, or promote greater brand awareness, the reports you receive from your digital agency will be a key component of your marketing success.

At 2060 Digital, we view reporting as a vital element of our partnership with your business. It’s not about throwing together a bunch of nice-looking charts and stats just for the sake of going through the motions; instead, we believe that reporting data is a living, breathing road map that will help you continue setting the course for your business in the most productive manner possible.

Reporting Sharpens the Accuracy of Your Business Decisions

One of the strengths of depending on reporting data to help you make important decisions is that you can spot opportunities that require more attention and resources, while at the same time “trimming the fat” in areas that aren’t producing any real results.

If you’re unsure about what a particular reporting stat or metric might mean, we’ll provide you with a clear explanation so you can see how it applies to your marketing efforts. Our goal is to provide expert advice as well as actionable data, so you make the best and most accurate decisions possible for your business.

Reporting Provides Insight Into the Progress of Your Marketing Efforts

Not only do your reports provide a snapshot of how things currently stand, but they can also help you gauge your cumulative progress. As you compare reports over different time periods, you can discover important turning points in your business, as well as the factors that contributed to those changes.

You can also detect important trends (e.g., seasonality) that will help give you an edge in your planning efforts. You’ll also be able to see the areas where progress may be slow or non-existent, which will provide you with greater clarity in terms of what to do going forward.

Reporting Keeps Your Digital Agency Honest

One of the first signs of a questionable digital agency is vagueness in reporting. Your digital agency should be an open book, willing to share everything they’re doing with your marketing campaigns at any given time. The whole “Trust us and come back in six months” mentality is antithetical to a sound business partnership, and if your digital agency is keeping you in the dark about what they’re doing, it will do far more harm than good over the long haul.

At 2060 Digital, we show you everything going on “under the hood” with your digital marketing campaigns, because we view ourselves as an extension of your own marketing team.

The realm of digital marketing is a highly competitive space, and only the most well-informed companies will continue to thrive in such a rapidly changing environment. Be sure to work with a digital agency that values consistent communication and detailed reporting, so that you can position your company for continued growth and success.