Everything Under One Roof – Using a Do-It-All Digital Marketing Agency

| 2060 Digital

These days it’s pretty much required that your company has an Internet presence, but for many business owners, the thought of adding digital marketing duties to an already-crammed schedule is overwhelming. The most apparent solution is outsourcing your online marketing efforts to a digital agency, but that doesn’t always translate into online success. Digital agencies that hyper-focus on only one facet of online marketing can sometimes neglect practically everything else – and it’s imperative that you establish visibility, generate leads and garner online sales. Using an agency that can help you with all those things, all under one roof, can make all the difference. Below are some of the main benefits of using a do-it-all digital marketing agency.

1. A do-it-all agency will build your comprehensive digital marketing strategy from the ground up, including developing your website (desktop and mobile), creating social media accounts, designing email marketing campaigns and establishing your site’s presence on search engines through SEO and PPC.

Using this “A to Z” approach gives your digital marketing agency a distinct advantage in terms of creating brand continuity and distinction. It can also help with the technical aspects as well; for example, if the agency responsible for your SEO is also the one who built your site, they’ll be far more familiar with the site’s construction, and more than likely will have already built in certain search-engine-friendly site optimizations along the way.

2. Many digital agencies make use of certain robust third-party tools and software that enable them to track and manage every nuance of your online marketing efforts. These tools typically provide an integrated interface to create, monitor and optimize important campaign elements such as email marketing, social media engagement and search engine optimization. These tools often cost big bucks for these agencies to use, but it translates into a benefit on your end since you won’t have to shell out any money for in-house use.

3. You’ll be able to leverage your time to focus on the areas of your business in which you have the most expertise. For example, if you have no training or background in pay-per-click marketing, you’ll first need to learn the basics of running PPC campaigns before you can promote your website via search engines. This will require you to invest your most important asset–time–into the learning process, which will ultimately postpone your campaign launch date.

It would be a much more efficient use of your time to leave each element of your digital marketing efforts in the hands of subject matter experts who have the specialized knowledge and experience to begin promoting your business online as soon as possible.

4. A do-it-all digital marketing agency eats, sleeps and breathes online marketing. This means that they are well-informed and well-connected in their respective industry, enabling them to stay on top of emerging trends and important industry developments.

For example, any digital marketing agency worth their salt was well-aware of Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” algorithm change, in which they boosted the importance of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Staying on top of important developments such as these will keep your business from being blindsided by any significant changes that may come down the pipe, and as you know, these changes happen all the time.

In addition, a do-it-all agency has the advantage of being able to adapt to important changes in a holistic manner, because they have their hand in every element of your online marketing arsenal. This means that when a significant industry development occurs, they can adjust your social media strategy, website optimization, email marketing campaigns, etc., accordingly with a comprehensive, big-picture view in mind.

5. You’ll greatly simplify the communications process. Imagine having one person handling your website development, another person or group handling your SEO, and yet another person from an entirely different agency taking care of your social media strategies. Sooner or later, the duties of these different parties are going to have to intersect in order to accomplish any kind of effective marketing strategy. This in turn will require a significant amount of communication, which may not be easy based on scheduling issues and any other responsibilities that each party might be juggling on top of working with your account.

Wouldn’t it be much better to work with an agency in which everyone already knows each other, is already familiar with working with each other, and will all speak the same language when it comes to developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business? That’s exactly what you can expect when working with a do-it-all digital marketing agency.

If you’ve been contemplating what would be the best way to outsource your online marketing duties, it’s pretty clear that choosing an all-in-one digital marketing agency is the most beneficial route you can take. Just remember to do your due diligence by asking prospective agencies for sample case studies to see if their style and approach will be a good match for your business. Once you find an agency that fits your criteria, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of having a team of specialists who can take your online marketing efforts to the next level.