Breaking Down Facebook’s 2018 F8 Developer Conference

| 2060 Digital

Facebook revealed new developments at the social media giant’s annual F8 Developer Conference. Read time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds

Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference has become a summit for developers who build products and services around the social media giant. The name comes from Facebook’s tradition of “hackathons” – best described as an eight-hour sprint during which developers work on their passion projects they are unable to get to during their day jobs. Each year at F8 new developments are revealed, some having implications for advertisers, and others geared solely towards Facebook’s more than 2-billion-user base. The social network unveiled plans to increase security, improve analytics for advertisers, and even find love with a new dating feature. Although it would be fun to explore that topic, we’ll focus on what the new announcements mean for businesses.

App Review

The company is reopening app review that enables stronger enforcement of Facebook’s Platform Policies. The new app review process includes a stronger layer of protection by reviewing apps that request consent for certain API (application program interface) permissions. This means that depending on the level of API permissions, businesses may be required to verify their business and sign a supplemental contract introducing additional provisions around data usage. Additionally, existing apps must undergo a new app review by August 1 in order to maintain approved status.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook is rolling out new analytics features designed to streamline the reporting process while providing a more encompassing view of what’s working for marketers, and how to better optimize campaigns. There are three major changes coming that are the cornerstones of the update. They are:

  • Journeys
    Described as an omni-channel Facebook Analytics reporting feature, Journeys will focus on the path customers take through different channels and devices, and how they lead to conversions. The information takes a holistic approach that will help advertisers see the “big picture” and better optimize campaigns.

  • Facebook Analytics Mobile App
    As web-browsing and social media usage overwhelmingly shift to mobile, campaign data will soon be able to be viewed in a streamlined, easily-consumed, app. However, Facebook advises that the app is not meant as a substitute for viewing and analyzing data on a desktop, but rather is intended to be an on-the-go complement to its existing desktop platform.

  • Automated Insights
    Facebook is introducing new updates to help simplify the existing insight functions. The goal is to help connect the dots in order to give marketers the ability to make quicker, smarter, data-based decision.

Facebook Business Solutions SDK

One of the drawbacks of marketing on Facebook’s platform is the difficulty of navigating different APIs and adopting new features. Business solutions SDK (software development kit) will reduce the difficulty and cost currently associated with maintaining optimal functionality across Facebook’s platforms. Essentially, the new SDK will provide tools, libraries, and sample codes that will ease on-boarding and increase the efficiency of asset management.

As Facebook continues to undergo its image-restoring (TV commercials, anyone?) blitz, the results should be positive for marketers who use the platform and its features to manage in-depth campaigns. Advertisers can look forward to data and insights that are more than just raw numbers. While some growing pains are likely to be felt, both regular users and advertisers should see an improved product in the coming months.