Who Should Handle Your Company’s Social Media?

| 2060 Digital

You’re busy, your employees are busy – but who’s going to take care of your business’s social media profiles? It’s probably time to stop shuffling it from person to person and assign the management of the company social media to someone. But who?

No longer just an add-on to marketing efforts, social media is now part of the core of practically every marketing campaign. So it makes sense that someone needs to take ownership of the job. But it needs to be the right person, people or department with relevant experience and skills. Here’s some important things to consider while you decide who should handle your company’s social media.

Don’t Burden Junior Staff

Just because your junior staff members or interns seem to have more free time on their hands, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best fit. These people often don’t have a firm grasp on your brand’s image or message simply because they haven’t worked there long enough or are balancing other responsibilities like college or other part time jobs.

You also shouldn’t choose an employee just because he or she is quite active on a personal social media profile. Handling a business page or profile is very different from managing a personal social media profile. Personal profiles are primarily used for basic interaction with friends, family members and other people you want to keep in touch with. A business page, on the other hand, is a representation of the business, products and services of your organization. Its primary purpose is to build loyalty among customers and improve the image of your organization. Interaction is meant to build rapport with existing and potential customers.

Focus on Marketing Department

Social media isn’t about making sales pitches, so it’s best to steer clear of giving the responsibility to your sales people. If you’ve got a marketing department, they’ll be better able to create the kind of content your social media followers will enjoy – content that educates, engages and delights.

Consider Relevant Skills

The candidate you choose needs to have a good understanding of the company’s long-term goals. He or she needs to also have excellent communication skills, be easily accessible and friendly. Customer service is a large part of social media, so this person should be able to field questions and comments that may arise and direct them to the right person within the company if he or she can’t answer them.

Don’t Choose A Lot of Individuals

Some companies delegate social media responsibility to a lot of staff members. Although this can reduce the burden, it may also lead to lack of coherence. If the job is too big for one person, then try to keep the responsibility to just a couple staff members. You can also consider hiring someone who’s sole job is to maintain and monitor your social media networks.

There are many businesses that don’t have the time or resources to handle social media accounts internally. In such a situation, you can also consider hiring a digital agency or freelancer to take care of the job. A professional and experienced company will make sure your social media accounts are always active and attract a lot more customers. A good digital agency will also have rich expertise and extensive experience of working with valuable clients across various industries. They have the inside scoop on both new and tested techniques to increase your followers and keep people engaged.