Exceeding Goals with Custom Digital Marketing Campaigns

Nonprofit Fitness Center Memberships 120% over Goal with Custom Digital Marketing Campaigns


The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is a nonprofit operating 14 fitness centers throughout Greater Cincinnati. The organization needed to generate membership within two seasonal windows: January-March and June-August. Membership is critical for this nonprofit – if they don’t reach their budget, they cannot fulfill their mission for the year.


2060 Digital performed both a geographic analysis mapping a 10-mile radius around the locations and a demographic analysis which differed by location. We based our analysis on identifying education, age, and household income within the radius to acquire the Total Attainable Market for the campaign. 2060 Digital then added behaviors and intent that related to people interested in fitness and developed a plan that included search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, video, YouTube, and social media.

This complete online marketing solution allowed the nonprofit to reach their target audience at every decision phase within their path to purchase during two three-month campaigns, with SEO and PPC running all 12 months. 2060 designed all creative, including videos, and managed every phase of the campaigns from launch to reporting.


The 2016 membership campaigns were 5% over goal, and 18% over the 2015 enrollment. The client renewed for all services with a larger focus for 2017.

In the client’s words, “Digital rocks!”






OVER 2015

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