Why and How to Start a Business Blog

| 2060 Digital

Roughly fifteen years ago, hardly anyone had ever even heard of the term “blog”, much less authored one of their own. Now blogging has become one of the bedrock practices of millions of Internet users, and experts estimate that more than 100,000 new blogs are being created every single day of the week. While blogging has long been a medium of personal expression for individuals (the word “blog” is actually short for “web log”, meaning an online journal), many businesses have capitalized on the power of blogging as a means to engage with current clients and potential prospects in an entirely new manner. Below are a few key reasons why you should start a business blog, as well as some helpful tips to keep in mind along the way.

Blogging Gives a “Voice” to Your Business

While advertising is great for communicating the overarching message of your brand, blogging conveys the personality of your business. You can provide insight into what makes your company tick, and you can more thoroughly explain the principles and goals that drive your corporate philosophy. The old saying is true–people love to do business with people they like, and by utilizing a blog, you can make your company more likable by introducing your clients and prospects to the more human side of your business. Blogging is a no-pressure means of communicating with your market in a manner that makes your business more informal and approachable, which can inspire greater customer loyalty.

Blogging: A Powerful Customer Acquisition Funnel

According to a recent survey conducted by inbound marketing firm HubSpot, 60 percent of businesses that blog acquire a greater amount of customers than their non-blogging competitors. Blogging frequency is also a key element of increased customer acquisition–the same survey found that 92 percent of businesses that publish multiple blog posts per day acquired a customer by way of their blog. One of the reasons why blogging is so effective as a customer acquisition funnel is because of its interactive nature–blogging creates a two-way conversation with clients and prospects by way of comments and feedback. Just be sure to respond to every comment in a timely and respectful manner–this will reinforce a positive image of your brand.

Blogging is Extremely Cost-Effective

The majority of blogging platforms out there (e.g., WordPress, Blogger, etc.) are completely free to use. You don’t have to be a professional website designer to publish an attractive-looking blog, either; both WordPress and Blogger have an extensive library of templates that are more than sufficient for giving your blog a professional look. The majority of blogging platforms have intuitive interfaces that make it easy to post videos, links and pictures as well. Your blog can also become an integral part of your overall online marketing strategy–you can use your blog posts as fodder for your Twitter feed, your Facebook page and other social media outlets where your brand is being represented. Blogs are a simple yet powerful tool to create free PR for your business.

Steps to Starting Your Business Blog

  • Before you publish your first post, make sure that you establish clear policies regarding the purpose and tone of your blog content. Is it to position your company as a thought leader in your field? Is it to amplify the marketing messages found in your advertisements? Is it to give your primary business website more visibility in the search engines?

  • Whatever your strategy may be, make sure that your blog content reflects the policy decisions you’ve made during the planning process.

  • Also be sure to make your content useful and relevant to your client base. While blogging is a more personal means to market your business, customers do expect some type of relevance to your brand to be present in your blog posts.

  • Try to keep your content warm and personal without drifting over into miscellaneous ramblings.

Ultimately, blogging can be an amazingly cost-effective tool to help set your business apart from the competition, as well as give a unique and personal voice to your brand. In order to get the most out of your blogging efforts, just remember to create content that is engaging, authentic and helpful. This will do wonders for increasing customer loyalty, and it will better position your business for overall success.